Revisiting Past Valve EventsBy KawaiiSocks on
Revisiting Past Valve Events

With The International 2016 just around the corner, it is a good time to recap previous Valve-organised events. Having a look at how Dota 2 has been evolving over the course of the last 5 years can freshen the memories of veteran players, as well as provide a very necessary background for newer members of our community.

Shadow Demon Finally Gets NoticedBy eggs on
Shadow Demon Finally Gets Noticed

Shadow Demon has been the most picked hero at the StarSeries LAN, where not long ago at ESL Frankfurt he was picked only 6 times. Despite his high favorability at recent tournaments, he was also rarely banned. It’s a sign that rise comes at a time where he has long disappeared from both professional and public consciousness. So how did we get here?

最高 每分钟塔伤害本周
TI6 Invites - Favorites & PowerhousesBy Skim on
TI6 Invites - Favorites & Powerhouses

As The International 2016 approaches, it is time to look closer at the teams attending. After introducing the Wildcard Teams, we take a closer look at the invited teams. Six teams were invited this time around, the least amount of invites to any Valve event so far. As a result, it seemed quite difficult to narrow it down to the truly most deserving teams and discussions sparked, as they always do, when the list of invites was released. People argued whether Fnatic should've been invited over Na'Vi, though ultimately both deserved to be at the event.

So, who are the invited teams? What makes them so special, which players stand out and what playstyles can be expected from them?

Behind the Scenes at DotabuffBy Jason on

AnyKey recently sat down for an interview with Lawliepop, the product director for Dotabuff. Read on to learn more about the beginnings of Dotabuff, how we make product decisions, shape company and product culture and more.

6.88b Analysis - Timbersaw still alive and kickingBy Skim on
6.88b Analysis - Timbersaw still alive and kicking

The main focus seems to be towards physical damage based heroes and further emphasis towards team fighting capabilities, which is why heroes such as Faceless Void and Elder Titan stand at the top of most picked category.

The Difficulty of Being A Dota FanBy eggs on
The Difficulty of Being A Dota Fan

Dota is barely nascent, only entering its sixth year of The International and coming off its first year of its Major circuit. Is there such a thing as a bandwagon fan? How loyal can Dota fans expect to be for such a limited time, and should it matter?

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