The Trends Of Patch 6.88By eggs on
The Trends Of Patch 6.88

Patch 6.88f marks only the 2nd time that Dota has been iterated up to this mark, the 5th minor patch of the series. It’s easy to lose track of how much these heroes have changed, when they the changes are incremental over a long period of time. Here are some of the largest trends over the course of 6.88.

Warlock ReturnsBy Skim on
Warlock Returns

Just last week, we discussed the fact that players will keep on innovating, even without drastic patch changes. Then, the South-East Asian fan favorite, Team Faceless, picked Warlock. They impressed, qualifying for The Summit 6 with a dominating run through their bracket. Like almost no other team, Faceless used Warlock to great success and inspired other teams even to pick the hero.

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Core Itemization Guide: DPS and Stats in the Late GameBy KawaiiSocks on
Core Itemization Guide: DPS and Stats in the Late Game

There are countless options when it comes to getting auto-attack damage. Getting the right items for the game can be difficult—your decisions should also take into account what items enemy heroes are potentially building. Moreover, with previous patches introducing several new items, as well as some major reworks to existing ones, it can get hard to keep track of the current item efficiency.

Nerfs Over Buffs: The Impact Of 6.88eBy eggs on
Nerfs Over Buffs: The Impact Of 6.88e

It seems like we’ll be living with patch 6.88e for a couple more months, since Valve has announced that the next update won’t come until December 12, 2016. The decision to dole out nerfs instead of buffs, to a wide number of heroes, was a low-risk way to keep the patch fresh, while stable, coming into the Boston Major.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving - 6.88By Skim on
The Gift That Keeps On Giving - 6.88

About half a year ago, it was close to impossible to play a game of Dota without running into the usual suspects, such as Invoker or Spectre--at least in higher skill brackets. Dota has evolved in a way since then that has made the game more diverse and the meta more open. It may be one of the most pub friendliest patches the community has experienced.

Core Itemisation Guide: Mid-game SurvivabilityBy KawaiiSocks on
Core Itemisation Guide: Mid-game Survivability

A big part of the game is proper itemization. Making correct item choices and sometimes even predictions is crucial to a team’s success. Naturally, having more farm has its advantages, providing a greater deal of flexibility in itemization, but knowing when to get certain items, and their relative strengths and weaknesses, is still a skill worthy of development.

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