The Combat TabBy Jason on
The Combat Tab

Today we’re incredibly proud to announce a new tool that takes another step forward in helping you better understand the game that you love: a new match page Combat tab, powered by TrueSight.

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6.87 Initial Pub TrendsBy KawaiiSocks on
6.87 Initial Pub Trends

Despite the introduction of the new items and tweaks to the core game mechanics, it is possible to consider 6.87 a rather mild patch. There were very few direct changes to the heroes and most of them can be considered minor, especially compared to the 6.86 update. Naturally, the metagame in both pub and professional matches has changed, but these changes weren’t as drastic as expected. In fact, it is possible to argue that for the most part the changes in the pick rate of certain heroes can be largely attributed to the new ranked All Pick system.

Banning in All Pick: A Higher Standard Of Ranked Play By eggs on
Banning in All Pick: A Higher Standard Of Ranked Play

The grind for ranked MMR leans towards stable, tried and true builds. With patch 6.87, Valve introduced a new ban phase in All Pick mode in ranked matchmaking, setting a new standard for what it means to be a high ranked, MMR player.

Initial 6.87 Pro TrendsBy Skim on
Initial 6.87 Pro Trends

Patch 6.87 is more of a “mid-season” patch. It doesn’t change everything we’ve ever known about Dota, but rather introduces new elements to keep the game interesting, with a few new items, game mechanics and of course balance changes to heroes and items. It still changed enough to leave the casual player wondering: how good is the Aghanim’s Scepter on Mirana and is Invoker still haunting my pubs?

6.87 Terrain ChangesBy Skim on
6.87 Terrain Changes

Patch 6.87 has hit and with it has brought many changes. Underneath all the Earthshaker Slam Dunks and the Axe spin-to-wins, there have been subtle, but notable and important terrain changes that will change the way we play and approach the game.

6.87 Analysis and First ImpressionsBy KawaiiSocks on
6.87 Analysis and First Impressions

The wait is finally over and we are presented with an impressively bold patch. While the hero changes were largely conservative, the introduction of new items as well as general gameplay changes will make for a potentially very different game.

Overall, the game seems to be taking course into a more tanky metagame, with armor and regeneration becoming a popular theme for buffs. It is still to early to judge, however, and there are many things this patch can turn our favorite game into.

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