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EG future after Captains Draft? in General Discussion
吉♥KÆØ$ MØƦPHiNε♥ ҉吉

    WHat have we learned about Suma1l offlane? RTZ MID and fear carry?
    Are the new members meshing well? What will happen to EG without Universe?

    Ugandan Pangolier

      They’re adjusting. They’ll figure it out


        That they need universe back

        Bourgeoisie 一片秋叶

          I used to root for EG, but ever since Sumail offlane, good luck to them. I'll have none of that.


            theyre trying to copy og with s4 offline. could work

            吉♥KÆØ$ MØƦPHiNε♥ ҉吉

              Universe just joined team Fnatic; it's official: