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General Discussionlife steal not working on illusions.

life steal not working on illusions. in General Discussion

    So I noticed this while playing against a pl, that you don't lifesteal off of illusions. I was just wondering if this was something pl specific or a bug or just something I somehow hadn't noticed until now. To me it doesn't really feel like thats the way it should work but what do I knkow.

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      it's a thing since vanilla warcraft 3

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        Lifesteal auras do from vlads/wk


          Maybe because illusion doesnt have "life" XD, hence nothing to steal

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              Ck illusions are the only ones with inate lifesteal


                He is talking about how you can't lifesteal when you hit an illusion. Nobody cares if a 300hp 20dmg illusion can lifesteal or not.


                  i just knew this actually,lost a brood game since i didnt hit the real spectre for hp
                  should've aimed creep or other hero at that chaotic stuff ..

                  accidental toxic

                    Old news, the reason is because illusions take extra damage and froggo likes illusion heroes and doesnt want lifesteal to counter it.


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