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General DiscussionWhat do you think about RTX20 series ??

What do you think about RTX20 series ?? in General Discussion
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    In india pricing is
    RTX 2080 ~1050$
    RTX 2080TI ~1500$

    Are they worth this price ?
    And yeah price of 1080ti and 2080 is almost same .

    One True Merchant

      I think I can't afford that.


        The price of 1080ti to 2080 is the same?

        Friend of mine said that for the much higher price of the new 2080's (8GB) to the 1080TI's (11GB) and only a performance increase of like ~5% it's not worth to go for the new grafic cards right now.
        But he calculated with the pricing in germany.


          there is really no competition to these cards as they are the first 7nm cards in the industry.

          the problem is, is that there are literally no games that actually use that much performance, maybe bf1 i guess

          Sir htc vive pro

            im getting 2080 ti any day now ill let youj know then :P