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General DiscussionI raised from archon 4 to legend 1 in 20 days

I raised from archon 4 to legend 1 in 20 days in General Discussion

    Now my problem is legend 1

    I have difficult playing here ( i was 4500 mmr player 2 years ago and im above them )

    Like, every 2nd game ppl pick double mid, lane fights etc and i cant constantly winning and get fast new medal

    So what is ur advice for me to get asap new medal??

    Naybe i should spam PL and Alche , didnt played them this patch once and always lose vs PL enemie :D


      Hey. Can you give me some advice on how to raise from archon 4 to legend 1?

      The thing is archon 4 is full of dual mids, people don't consider counterpicking(picking heroes for fun), supports are not babysitting when they really need to, etc.

      oh no

        "i was 4500 mmr player 2 years ago and im above them"

        No you're not or you'd be a higher MMR than them.

        There's no magic hero selection that will get you out of bad games, just pick heroes you know how to play and play better than your opponents. If you're winning 51% of your games you'll get there in the end and if you're not then you deserve to stay where you are.

        pop idle

          have you try dotaplus?

          STNC STNC

            I tried yes.

            But waiting time sucks(at least for safelane players like me).

            Since i subscribed to Plus, it takes around 30mins to find me a ranked roles game every night from around 8oclock to 12.

            On the other hand,yes, people are nicer in ranked roles. Game quality is higher.

            In conclusion, it will take twice the longer to get to legend 1 using ranked roles every day.


              pick weaver and go offlane


                Legends are inefficient players . Take any impactful carry(offlaner or hard) u are good to go if u really are a 4k player, since they are so shit at farming and fighting its not so hard .


                  Playing dual offlane either as core or support has worked best for me, i dont play any mid heroes good enough and safelane carry is usually taken.


                    I climb from archon 1 to legend 2 in 2 weeks


                      Dont consider your team redundat and destroy enemy carry is the key


                        Terrorblade is pretty good. But he is exhausting to play. Really. 2 games will make you feel more tired than after whole day at work.

                        daily dose of dopamine

                          If you think TB is exhausting to play, try Meepo


                            Funny, i'm also legend 1 and this shit doesn't happen to me. Last time I had a dual mid was 2015 as Huskar/IO. Almost as if you're toxic and are really good at turning the game into a 1v9.

                            Here's an idea treat your teammates like teammates and your game quality might improve

                            Jack Attack

                              Good job. Next stop ancient.