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General DiscussionThe ultimate guide for 3k-5k MMR

The ultimate guide for 3k-5k MMR in General Discussion

    first pick your mid TA , MEEPO and watch the enemy tries to counter you and tilting them in lane = profit
    play 10 hours a day at least
    buy as many wraithbands as possible (7mins)

    Von Darkmoor



        can you teach me how to use TA AND MEEPO SENPAI I WANNA BE GOOD 3K SCRUB

        very indo-european

          TA MID = WEEB

          May corona wipe out bangl...

              weeb is cool


                @lavababie are your account new?

                You've been Trolled

                  help me im stuck at 4,4 my meepo not strung enough :(

                  Pinator TABAJARA™

                    nah, first picking meepo is ok but whenever you lose you will get at least 4 reports for first picking it
                    Your behavior score goes lower and lower until you can't first pick it without sharing mid with toxic kids and games are very hard to win, and way too stressful
                    I tried it months ago, it was hell to get my behavior high again, I was still winning more mmr but the stress is really not worth it, at least for me

                    草 泥 马

                      meepo sucks dick right now just play ta no need 4 meepo

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