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déjà vu

    i really am weak but, is Chaos knight nerfed? since the patches, i cant have a proper game anymore. like "crushing my enemies" gameplay. no win streak... cant even carry my mates anymore.


      it has been non-meta hero for a long time, the hero cant farm and is useless without the ultimate

      ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ☾ᗩℝᏁჯᎿÎᎯ₦✌♫

        You can check here yourself :P. I feel like he's alternating buffs and nerfs. Reality Rift not reducing armor anymore was a huge decrease in his burst tho.

        There are also many meta heroes like Lion, Sven, Mars, Ember, Pango, etc that do well against CK.

        déjà vu

          Hes still playable after they remove that minus armor. After this two new pathces, i thinks hes really gone...


            He sucks Compared to his former glory. I have 600+ games on CK and never before has he ever felt this weak. he blows now. 7 Slotted in some games still cannot win.

            déjà vu

              I guess thats it, a fellow CK spammer has spoken. I wont pick CK in solo ranked.


                Play WK or Spectre, although i seem unable to win a game with WK


                  Literally go Look at my Profile. Look at my CK Win-rate it is 59% Then go and look at my last 25 CK games. I think I'm 1-19 in the last 20 CK games.

                  Harry Kim

                    nice itembuilds shiftingskys krappa




                        Yeah nothing worked Lmao, HOM 7 Min failed, SE Build Failed, Manta Failed, First Item heart Failed Armlet failed, Echo failed lmao. went 60% win-rate with the hero until this last patch and this one and cant win with any item build. 0% HOM 0% Armlet 0% Heart 10% Echo Lmao. I tried buying HOM First Then Third. tried buying armlet First Failed. tried Bracer build Failed. Everything has failed XD DPS output is just always too low. Even enemy CK's I wreck their face since I know what they are trying to do.

                        déjà vu

                          i cant understand why he is nerfed. nobody picks him and he's not even that OP.

                            KILF - trashmoreplz

                              To be honest he is not so weak. The way he is build changed a lot. You used to max rift cause of cd reduction and armour decrease. Now maxing chaos strike is often the best choice. Item choice Midas is good if you can get it early as you don't have so much farm potential. Else armlet gives you a huge power spike with passive maxed. Then echosabre is usually not so good anymore, considering the fact chaos strike isn't %crit chance anymore. The main reason you built echosabre was the double hit on ulty increasing chances of critical hit with your illusions + mana regen for sure. But now you are usually better off with armlet + manta (+ clarities for mana regen if needed).
                              Talent side I prefer usually (this is personal) the +5 all stats(helps a little with mana also) and strength that's a +20 strenght making you more tanky. Lvl 20 you will usually want to take the rift piercing Immunity as ennemy team probably got bkb by that time or will do it, if you are sure they aren't and you aren't facing jugg/naix then go gpm. Then for the lvl 25 talent you need to take the cd reduction on chaos strike. The bolt duration is too uncertain you can still proc a 2s stun. Kind of wasted talent when it happens and you could reduce by half the cd on your crit no?
                              More or less the best items in early will be armlet/manta (maybe a drum if you struggle early). With that you already got a huge power spike then it depends heart/bkb/skadi/AC/abyssal/blink/halberd, mkb can also be good against a team with 2/3 heroes with evasion. Hell you can even consider bloodthorn against high elusive hero. But that's Dota, you need to adapt !
                              But for sure ck is far from his day of ulty -> rift -> enemy vanishes -> rift -> second enemy gone and repeat until rampage. And as people stated a lot of counters are popular right now especially sven/mars/ember etc.. But it is still possible to win with him, he just isn't the "one you rift one kill" he was before. Hope it helps you!


                                No bullshit, you guys could try support CK. i think he’s better as a utility core, or as a pos 4 now. Still not “good”, but at least not too burdening as he is when carry