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General Discussion100% winrate this patch with Clinkz

100% winrate this patch with Clinkz in General Discussion
5.6 before 2021

    Is clinkz op or what ?10 winstreak with him this patch


      good for you

      5.6 before 2021

        Also win against a random free farm immortal rank am with it


          no blue stars, every body welcomed here.

          5.6 before 2021

            HAHAHAHAHAH ive been demoted but im divine again now i dunno where my blue star is

            5.6 before 2021

              Also my dotabuff medal updated why is that?


                When clinkz first got burning army i got like 20 something win in a row before

                AD.GokU™ |

                  "Blue star comments only" LUL

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