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      Boundless Strike in Gaben...

        yea ive actually been wondering bout this for a while...except the prize pool i really dont see that much of a difference between this major and the TI...its like they're going to have multiple tis throughout the calendar and like pointed out thats will get pretty boring pretty fast even given the rate at which top teams fall and newer teams come into the scene

        there needs to be a differentiating factor between the majors and ti other than the money involved...more pro matches at the highest level are great for fans...for now....if we're going to have 4 majors + 1 ti in a calendar year its pretty redundant

        i think one factor could be the size of the competing pool...the majors could have an extended competition and ti could be like the ultimate tourney featuring only the best in the world...the top 10-15 teams say

        obviously the logistics for the extended team participation in majors will be pretty hectic but if valve have the cash then they can make it happen

        i think all the winners of the majors would be direct invites to ti...that makes sense


          Majors winners should be the only invited teams to the TI, all others should earn their place.


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              @[FFTF] tiger45 it doesn't make sense since it means that there will be qualifier probably for full month or less and it's pointless since the big teams/Tier 1 teams would win the qualifier anyway.

              Boundless Strike in Gaben...

                ^ are you really so certain? this major itself right now showed you what t1 teams were doing.....which tier was OG in exactly?


                  Should be only 2 majors and 1 TI in a year calendar. 4 majors in a year is too much, fans will get bored and pro scene will get less benefit. There will be no time for team setup or preparation. Its crazy.

                  dón kíj-

                    by winning a major doesnt mean ur T1 team, for example in nascar sometimes people win that are normally around last place


                      n00bs go play minekraft

                      All Is Dust

                        @ Lambrusco Its 3 majors and the 4th is Ti. It'd be fine, if people stopped doing NA tournaments. Turning the big tournaments into Majors and not allow spectating for b tier tournaments.


                          Keep teams playing. That's good.

                          May is suggest though that winners of each major gets a direct invite to TI?


                            -Win major=invite to TI
                            -Seeded in upcoming major based on finish in previous one
                            -Win major=option to not compete until season majors start over
                            -Only 3 majors
                            -Slightly bigger team pool with smaller teams
                            -Have it take up less time to make way for other tournaments

                            Yves Saint Dushman

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                              Dire Wolf

                                When the majors were announced I thought they were going to be more regionally based. I mean one's in frankfurt, next is in shanghai, idk where the last one will be, but what if they became regional tounrys? The problem is the popularity and southeast asia would never be popular. If you had an america's one, china one, europe one and SEA one, no one would watch SEA, america's is extremely top heavy, only a couple quality teams. Plus they also had qualifiers for those. So idk maybe going regional is not a good idea.

                                But honestly I don't mind them being like smaller TIs. Actually what would be cool is if no one got an invite to majors, everyone had to go through the qualifiers and do a play in, and then the top 2 finishers at each major got invites to TI. So the majors become like regular season winning playoff spots for TI. That'd be sweet and you might see some crazy teams no one's heard of get in like how 4 anchors and a sea captain almost won the europe qualifier for TI5.