"It doesn’t really matter if you’re in a player owned organization or in a traditional one" - Aui_2000By Skim on
"It doesn’t really matter if you’re in a player owned organization or in a traditional one" - Aui_2000

Ahead of the qualifiers for this year's International, we caught up with Team NP support player Aui_2000 to talk about the new/old team and his thoughts on the scene as a whole, especially with his insight on organizations and their dynamics.

Regional Qualifier PreviewBy Skim on
Regional Qualifier Preview

The regional qualifiers are upon us, so it is worth taking a look at every region to discuss favorites and black sheep.

最低 胜率本周
Weekly Courier: TI Invites & New Format and Clips Launch
TI Invites & New Format and Clips Launch

Valve has officially announced the invited teams for this year's International, as well as changes to the format. We at Dotabuff launch Clips.

Announcing ClipsBy Skim on
Announcing Clips

We at Dotabuff are proud to announce the launch of our newest feature, Clips. Instead of manually searching for the best highlights of every game, Clips automatically compiles highlights of every relevant match.

Roaming BasicsBy Skim on
Roaming Basics

For over a year now, the 4 position has become one of the most crucial positions in the pro meta. Heroes and player alike have dominated games and are often hailed as the playmakers of their teams. Alongside this trend of successful 4 position supports, roaming has become more and more important. Roamers dominate the picks and bans of tournaments and are often the target of nerfs in many mini patches. What seems to come easy to so many pro players though, is quite complex and keeps evolving. Let's break down roaming.

Is Clinkz Ready?By eggs on
Is Clinkz Ready?

Clinkz has received buff after buff ever since he was introduced to Captain's Mode. Is he ready to enter today's meta?



The International 2017
Let's Break Siltbreaker!
Let's Break Siltbreaker!
New Bundles & Treasures
图标名字Price (USD)Price
Icon for Battle Level Bundle 2017
传说 捆绑包
Icon for Golden Immortal Treasure Chest 2017
不朽 无价之宝
Icon for Siltbreaker Reward
神话 珍藏
Icon for The International 2017 Collector's Cache
神话 珍藏
Icon for The Dread Prophet
Nature's Prophet 神话 捆绑包
Icon for Meranth Dragoon
Sven 神话 捆绑包
Icon for Mechalodon Interdictor
Gyrocopter 神话 捆绑包
Icon for Spoils of the Vodou Rover
Witch Doctor 神话 捆绑包
Icon for Corruption of the Virulent Krait
Venomancer 神话 捆绑包
Icon for Cunning Corsair
Riki 神话 捆绑包
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