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serenity now.



      Another small thing noticed: Marksman on Drow is now separate from Agi giving innate ability. The latter no longer gets turned off when close to an enemy. A huge buff that can be leveraged, imo. Also, getting close to Drow to get rid of her armor/AS/dmg is no longer the best way to deal with the hero.

      Brünk Hüll

        With these facets, honestly I'd be super on board with the talent tree being scaled back. Standardize it somehow maybe. Sometimes it feels like heroes have been collecting enough aghs bonuses to make an extra hero.


          Just played drow. manfight wk 1v1 and i still won coz of the bonus dmg+armour. bullshit hero LOL

          jugg is a special fruitcake of its own


            Too much in the patch. Every hero now has 2 mystery abilities. Doesn't feel like Dota anymore. I quit.


              @iMoD skill issue


                - Void Spirit with a similiar buff to Dark Seer, scales way better than before


                  Patch is decent, but surge of smurfs and returning players ruined matchmaking - almsot every game now is really low quality. I basically lost 700 MMR playing as usual (I know my good old 4k so it's really noticeable when matchmaking changes). Because of that it's hard to enjoy the patch fully. But overall it's a great addition that shakes the game well. There are definitely overbuffed heroes like LC or WK, and there are really weird and weak facets like Terroblade ones. I hope next patches they'll focus on balance a bit.

                  Also I agree with the article, despite big amount of changes, they're not really drastic or game changing. Most of changes are mere flavor or just alternative way to play hero, but map itself and economy feels the same IMO. Which probably is good thing.


                    Bladeform is good? weird, it seemed kinda mid to me since you lose it even from being brushed by a melee creep auto for 1 damage.

                    Late game it's a free eaglesong for your omnislash which isn't BAD, but doesn't seem insane.


                      dota very cool game ... yeah ... gay creativity

                      El Huron

                        and in team you have AM with eul scepter...axe with ethereal blade and riki with mekasm....good luck!



                          The buff stays for a couple of seconds if you get hit, so there is that. It also helps moving around the map and farm, especially if you get the bubble neutral item. Also Mephitic Shroud Abaddon+Jugg lane is kinda disgusting. In general, though, I think Jugg is just a better hero with +10% damage to front-facing targets. His other facet is equally good


                            You could try to get to higher ranks not to have it... But looks like you're fine


                              @KawaiiSocks If u actually read comments under your posts, pls write an article on how to stay positive after a 12 lose-streak that actually works and why Dota tries so hard to push this fake positivity agenda? Isn't Dota a good sport like many others where stress is present and screaming and maybe cursing is healthy? I mean ... I don't know how to deal with stress, u know I'm obsessed a bit with dota and advices like go rest or "touch some grass" won't help. Btw, my obsession and others obsession is obvious, don't try to negate this, this is why dota milks(scams) us with so much money, I'm ok with this, I don't spend more money on it than I want to but, come one, let's have some real talk. U cant be Beethoven if u were raised in a tribe of cannibals. Ur american mentality agenda kinda sucks, what can we do here???




                                  Jakiro and Silencer are stupidly stronger



                                    I think it is less about positivity and more about making mistakes on auto-pilot. Do turn off all communication (both incoming and outgoing), since it seems it is not working in you favor and concentrate on your own gameplay. Do it with intent, though. One trick I sometimes recommend is fully switching between quick-cast and normal cast. If you are on qck go normal and vice-versa. This is a very frustrating experience for the first game or two, but what it does is that it forces you to THINK about what you are doing, as opposed to making plays instinctively and reactively.

                                    Sometimes. especially after a big patch, instincts can be off and your default playstyle model might be very far from optimal. So forcing your brain to actually commit resources to solving problems is a good way to learn in a new environment.


                                      I'd pick brood here

                                      Succulent Chinese Meal