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        Why chen isnt on the list. It is literally ded hero. Even visage gets pick but 10 yirs since some1 picked chen in comp. no need to mention pubs


          Pugna sure is squishy but he definitely isn't slow. He starts with a base MS of 335. Add a windlace and boots of speed on top of that and you get a MS of 400. He can really kite against a lot of heroes with that

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            did you guys just say that pugna is SLOW?????????????????????????????????????

            check his fucking movement speed, good luck chasing a pugna

            EDIT: Rofl the guy above me beat me to it.


              Pugna slow lul

              wet popcorn™

                Does this mean Arc Warden is viable in the pro scene if he's not mentioned here?


                  Pugna slow??

                  Jicniv Rune Farlord El Nix

                    slow pugna?!!!


                      Regarding pugna being slow, the author probably means that he doesn't come online fast enough. Except in the rare situations where the enemy team can't counter him.

                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                        Pugna certainly needs more farm than other supports, but you can't really play him as a core either. If you do, half his spells are kind of terrible to have on a core. Reduce the mana cost on high nether blast levels, increase decrepify slow, then he might be viable. The low cooldown is useless when you can't actually spam, and pulling off a single decrep nether combo uses more mana than his ult.

                        Also, the raindrop really is OP. It needs a rework.

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                          I think author wanted to say that pugna is SLOW,because to be usefull in the game she needs to have some levels in Q,W,E and to have at least agh for R.(which takes time,slow to be useful in the game,think bout other heroes,they need to have some 3-5 lvls and can be menace)
                          Till that,she is kinda useless,cant save a carry (decrepify should be maxed,and still wont save),cant make much damage(needs to decrepify the enemy,come close(which will cause a 70% death in almost every situation)and pop Q)
                          Best thing pugna can do,is to do the combos,like.
                          Atos+decrepify+mystic flare/reaper's scythe/etc
                          Were abusing hardlane with my friend with pugn+necro combo not so long ago.
                          Still may be,still may be.
                          Besides,pugna is hell of fun to play :D

                          Sleight of My Fist In You...

                            pugna is not a 'she' dumb ass....also time to dish out 1/3/5/7 day bans to people spamming 1st and 2nd in comments...also look at the number of 1k scrubs getting their titties in a bunch over 'slow' pugna

                            initial MILF

                              it's because people only watch what is trending in youtube they don't even know what's that hero can do


                                suppaa pusher pugna, By good positioning pugna is a great hero. As winter wy.


                                  because everyone wants to be an AGI CARRY

                                  MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                    @I Am A Traitor No One Doe...

                                    The atos seems like a smart pickup for pugna, but this only adds to the number of items necessary for the hero to pull off that burst combo. Do you get it after your blue boots but before aghs? Does it replace aether? You're probably going to want a force staff or blink for that too.

                                    By the time you get all the positioning items purchased to make pugna scary, pugna's skills won't be doing enough damage to enemy heroes. The build I described essentially makes pugna into meepo, but all meepo needs to do this combo is a blink. It just doesn't seem like it's worth trying to hamfist him into that role when he does better at being a tower burner that discourages anything but a full defense (something pugna still isn't very effective at).


                                      chen is dead since Dota 1
                                      poor chen


                                        so many idiots here that never join the forum

                                        i'm sad


                                          I really wish Tiny will be buffed someday

                                          (not that kind of buff "7.06e Toss can now target spell immune enemies")


                                            So now 1 2 3 is allowed?


                                              most of comments dont have blue star.


                                                Hey admin, remove all the "first, second, third comments"
                                                No mention of Arc Warden by the way?


                                                  ofc arc is viable, do u even watch pro games?


                                                    1st!!!!!!!!!!!! xDDdDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDddddddddddddaSDasdajs


                                                      Morphling is pretty viable right now as a support.

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                                                        Arc is viable, proof is my profile.

                                                        just about fuckin had it

                                                          the pro scene is pretty weird right now, the meta just changes so randomly. Other half of tournament is filled with gank lineups and suddenly the meta changes into some kind of turtle/split push heavy games


                                                            The direct AND indirect nerfs to Morphling's mana and intelligence is what killed him especially in this faster-paced meta. That's all.
                                                            He literally has no early to mid game.


                                                              The thing that annoys me the most about this post is the part where the author failed to mention Tiny suffered a massive nerf in 7.00. His craggy exterior no longer stuns ranged heroes. That is what killed Tiny. In the past, some Clinkz would gank you with his fast orchid but he would stun himself for almost two seconds because he got too close so you just ran away with your superior almost 400 movement speed. By the time Clinkz caught up to you, you could just hurl rocks at him and throw him into the air, crush all his bones in the process, and then flame him in all chat with a simple yet effective "?". Now, any ranged hero can destroy Tiny because they cannot trigger craggy exterior under any circumstances.

                                                              Hate The Living

                                                                Still fast-paced dota dominates. But the game is getting more and more balanced every patch and certain 4 protect 1 lineups become more viable.


                                                                  Doom rn is so unpopular the op forgot to mention it


                                                                    Doom was indirectly buffed with the removal of lowered respawn times as talents. Your 150 second cooldown spell will ensure someone stays dead for longer than 20 seconds now.


                                                                      I did mean to say that the hero just doesnt come online soon enough with "slow". One of those cases where it didn't even occur to me that it could be read in a different way (even though ofc the "different way" in this case was the actual, more obvious one).




                                                                          Wow, one misread and the entire chat goes crazy over 'slow' Pugna and only discusses that hero to no end. I miss seeing Morphling and Tiny though. Even singsing admitted on stream that hero is garbage when he randomed it, and its his most played hero.


                                                                            Yeah the talent trees really opened up Morphling as a support.

                                                                            10 - 200 mana
                                                                            15 - Cooldown reduction
                                                                            20 - movement speed +25
                                                                            25 - both are good

                                                                            he is a great support, tanky, 4.25 second stun every 8.5 seconds, good escape with waveform and replicate, can replicate heroes with radiance or strong auras, does not require much gold, and his scepter is great with the right team comp.

                                                                            the big downside is his early game is absolutely horrible, with no real harass.

                                                                            What i do is i just stack the jungle for the carry and pull. As soon as I get level 5 I have the 3.25 second stun which is great for setup for kills. At level 7 with the 4.25 second stun you need to be stunning everything you can until they get linkins or bkb which makes you kind of useless until you get force staff.

                                                                            You need to almost have another support or an offlaner type core in the safelane while you pull and stack.

                                                                            ela vamu malio

                                                                              Tiny's level 10 talent (+14 int) which is 210 mana together with Arcane Boots on one of his teammates should be enough mana in the early - mid game to one-shot at least two hereos


                                                                                cuz they are trash that's why

                                                                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall


                                                                                  In a pub this works just fine but in a pro match I don't think there has ever been a situation that called for a late game support. Stacking is less important than ganks right now and you still have the problem that hitting 5 is journey enough for a support, but hitting 10 feels like an eternity sometimes.

                                                                                  On top of that, a 4.25 stun is great when you are solo killing (as a carry or off morphling is wont to do), but as a support it will often be overkill. Why not grab something that will provide more utility than wasted stun time?

                                                                                  Still, if I were a morph player (or a capable support player) I'd try the crap out of this.


                                                                                    meanwhile leshrac is crying in a corner like a little b***h!

                                                                                    c ham pe

                                                                                      what do you mean chen hasn't been picked in 10 years, puppey and handsken played it in the last few months.