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    Eggs small typo "iso ver" 1st paragraph after 2nd header.


      гайд на брюмастера

      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

        Drunken haze certainly makes winning a dual lane easier too


          Viable as pos 5?


            Brewmaster my favorite hero (its PANDA)


              Ну все, ждем видоса НСа


                You mean dispel Ursa's Overpower? I thought Fury swipes was undispellable.

                ♏ikeeCS ツ

                  Time to try Panda's pos 5 (?)

                   A м ı к o.

                    panda pos 5 !!!


                      Yeah because Brew is doing so well in the pro scene now, with 20% winrate on the main stage! So much unlike the "retarded pubs who ain't able to micro".

                      Pokemon Trainer

                        I played 6 games of pos 5 panda and now i am in low priority, wtf dota 2?

                        UNRIVALED SUPER HOTTIE

                          They still need to nerf terror blade and phantom lancer...getting tired of seeing them in every match just like Spectre in the old days

                          Mr.MiyaGi. Orunashol

                            it's not a balanced game when you see the same 3 carries in every game.


                              Dotabuff staff member blocks dotabuff from getting stats dansgame explain?


                                Not ever in dota history a Brew bought a Shivas... Assault Cuirass however, they buy a lot because it gives +5 armor to summons.

                                Btw, right now Brew is the only hero in the whole game that buys Vladmir.

                                MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                  Weird thought:

                                  The redistribution of gold gain across the team might be the culprit for the current core-as-support situation. When it's a little easier to get gold even in the 5 position, it's more enticing to go for a greedier lineup that produces better results in the late game. I could be way off base here, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of other reasons you would risk a puck in a support position if you weren't confident you could get the necessary gold to come online.


                                    Brew is the only hero I keep 70% win rate on solo ranked games with. Spamming Drunken Haze on enemy carry that is about to last hit, and deleting 2 annoyin heros in teamfights is really good. This hero in lane is even more annoying than lich. But its only because of the 2-1-2 meta. In 3-1-1 this hero is useless.


                                      Btw. Ursa has 159659 games this week with vlads. Brew has 39433 games with vlads this week. What were you saying about vlads?


                                        Ursa has 159,659/492,136 total games = 32.4% of games
                                        Brew has 39,433/124,823 total games = 31.6% of games

                                        So basically the same, please use relevant stats :)

                                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                          If these are the stats you are using for your argument:


                                          keep in mind that these stats come from all levels of play, where popularity and item choices vary, sometimes wildly. It's why Desolator and Linkens rank so high in Weaver games despite Linkens being built in only half of the current trending guides (all of which are above 5k mmr) and Deso being built in a single guide. What I'm saying is that there is a possibility that your stats come from bad players boosting the numbers.

                                          Son of Eevil

                                            Typo in your heading on the main page "intimated" should be "intimidated"