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    im da first for first time




          I fucking hate how everyone is gotta be so uptight about everything, people acting like some fucking saints on the internet, while spit the other behind their back in real life.
          For fuck's sake, just learn to ignore a remark you don't like over the net, and maybe focus on more important things.


            Tolerance is a cancer for community and for society in general. Skem and Kuku did some stupid things cause whey wrote the word while playing a public match, so they should know what it could lead to. But dont make chinese players look like angels. They all are as toxic as any other region players. They only call other nations (especially nations of Asia) in game as insulting like "monkeys" for Malaysians, Vietnamese, Philippinians, "japanese dog or demons", "korean dumbs", etc. The difference is they just wont write it in English, so you'll never understand. :)

            Yami Yugi

              Chinese is being racist already when they choose to not speaking common language, we can do also but opt not to, I can write Javanese (which has over 25 different form depends on its speakers region) and insult them they way they won't understand.


                What do you mean AvonKraD? Do you think dota players should not become uptight and good like Mother Theresa? /s


                  chen chen chen chen io rikikiki


                    Valve can respond all they want, doesnt change the fact that peruvians INFEST and RUIN Games on US servers constantly.


                      kill all the acc buyer and boosters with new patch, no matter how much you play good, all the new accounts should start with 1k mmr


                        fell in love with the pen. started Fn the ink.


                          ЛАМА ПИУ ПИУ ПИУ

                          Black Capped Chickadee

                            @Espada sure Sounds like we should all not learn English which is the biggest cultural invaders in the world via colonialism and westernization on the meaning of development. That is your logic, thus we shouldn't welcome industrialization. Hypocrite at its finest form, and I bet you can't summon lighting out of nothing.


                              ^^^ English are worlds biggest cultural invaders? Perhaps you are in a country where history is not a subject covered in school? In terms of sheer land acquisition Genghis Khan (Asian) conquered all of Asia plus russia. The Persian empire conquered more land. The Roman Empire conquered more land. None of those are “English.” Even in terms of colonialism the majority of that was carried out by France and Spain... neither of which are English. Not saying the English didn’t do bad things but it ain’t like they the only ones


                                djancuk ahahhaa, espada wong jowo po??


                                  @Black Capped Chickadee lol you showed yourself out :))

                                  Black Capped Chickadee
                                    Black Capped Chickadee

                                      @pedal2medal Sorry I don't care about you NPC, speak your mind out unless you are not a bot which you are a bot.

                                      Black Capped Chickadee

                                        @Nemesis. Bro Let me ask you a question: who is the biggest winner so far in the modern history since industrialization: Spain>England>Germany>USA. 2 out of 4 are English speaking Countries. They define the meaning of development as I quote from Deep Economy: The concept of development is to industrialize based western civilization concept. And who do I ever state it is the land acquisition? Who is the most spread language and culture in the world: it is English!! If you want to get rich: Development are needed which is based on the model of western (US and England model) concept. Example: Colonies of England all speaks English are first language. Most of the Colonies of Spain speaks Spanish beside local languages. Yeah who is not learned in History here? Perhaps you should learn economics and technological history,too. Kid

                                        Black Capped Chickadee

                                          @Nemesis, What about look at today's industries brand? a majority of brands are English based: Starbucks, McD, Yummy associated fast food chain, Mccain, Nestle and so many others. Is it not a dominating force then?? uhm I wonder why the Local population of developing countries have lower life expectancy and higher medical expense in the younger generation after the introduction of McD and Starbucks(Micro-malnutrient and Obesity)? Is it not a cultural invasion? If you state that food can not be used a form of cultural invasion, you are ignorant to say the least (Why India doesn't have a high cuisine culture?? Why middle east people are getting higher rate of obesity after the introduction of US-based food?)

                                          Homeless Cop

                                            @AvoNKraD - Clearly coming from someone who hasn't had to deal with racist abuse. If you see anything racist, challenge it, otherwise it makes people think it's OK. And yeah, it's boring to hear about it constantly isn't it? Now try living with every single day. That's infinitely worse.


                                              So many cheese strat that causes me to get lactose intolerant

                                              Tadokoro Megumi



                                                  @Greatlubu Peruvians ruining US games? I guess they got tired of ruining Peru's, Chile's and SA's games already


                                                    WTF is happening nowadays? So many snowflakes that can not take a fking bad word on the internet? Like someone said here and rightly so, pretending like they are saints or we are saints. These fucking "tolerance" is actually boycotting free speech.

                                                    DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                                                      I feel that we are all of one accord for once in a good long time. Countless reasoning can justify why Valve shouldn't try interfering with our community, but the one that stands out to me is that all these "offenses" took place on homelands. What I mean by that is that on stream, through personal twitter accounts, and other single-input sources were these statements made, and they gain public offense.
                                                      It's your stream, do it how you want. If you don't like it, click "browse."
                                                      It's your twitter, do it how you want. If you don't like it, click "ignore."
                                                      It's not like these players are saying these things at press conferences, they're just interacting the wonderful way we gamers know how. We're men in our own nature. We don't take things personally in games - if you do, you need help. We que, we flame, we lose/win, and we see eachother in the next game ready to forgive and move on.

                                                      It's a sad time when the higher-ups in our culture aren't as mature as we are. Grow a pair or leave. Don't force yourself on our community.

                                                      DOIN UR MOM DOIN DOIN UR MOM

                                                        In better news, (good news ahead!)

                                                        Currently the Enchanted Mango has a 31.04% win rate. This is great news! The item's WR has improved a whole .01% since last I checked! Thank you for your efforts, and remember to buy a victory mango after every battle!

                                                        Michael Franzese

                                                          My rights don't end where your feelings begin. Sorry snowflakes...


                                                            lol, a perfect microcosm of the racist, nasty side of the Dota 2 community all in the responses to one thread. The only bit not represented here is the mysogyny.

                                                            ♂DUNGEON MASTER♂

                                                              Prep: sit in lobby for 15 minute queue
                                                              Add 1 Game that requires communication to win
                                                              Mix 5 players that dont share a way to communicate
                                                              Bake for 60 minutes
                                                              Valve lets it happen every game
                                                              Stir in pings and feeds occasionally
                                                              Yields: One horrible experience that makes dota lose more and more players


                                                                Yeah of course, is racist say "ChingChong" but is not racist use a regionlock for South America and North America. Valve's Logic.

                                                                ♂DUNGEON MASTER♂

                                                                  "regionlock" yea cause that happens.........

                                                                  ♂DUNGEON MASTER♂

                                                                    also regionlock has nothing to do with race pal. get a grip.

                                                                    Yami Yugi

                                                                      @Black Capped Chickadee

                                                                      @Espada sure Sounds like we should all not learn English which is the biggest cultural invaders in the world via colonialism and westernization on the meaning of development. That is your logic

                                                                      Dude, what??? I am referring English as common language here, don't get me wrong.

                                                                      I point out how Chinese is not held responsible for NOT being communicable BY speaking their OWN language, WHICH I can also do in return (but no I am not an asshole) and make people using English UPSET, then they NORMALLY express their FEELINGS and they have valve BLAME them. So I think wtf? If these ching chong considerable, how about MATAMU!

                                                                      Yami Yugi

                                                                        @Black Capped Chickadee

                                                                        and then about cultural invaders? problems? No!

                                                                        I am looking for a way to communicate with players of other Country, whilst English is pretty easy to learn than Chinese or Javanese, but now you being haters and found a better way to communicate between, say, Indian and Indonesian? What language should we choose? A non culture invader language? Which ONE? Don't tell me you just blindly defend these ignorant fools who choose to speak their comfy language despite other players, don't blame us if we don't understand your language if you don't understand our language you HYPOCRITE

                                                                        Yami Yugi


                                                                          djancuk ahahhaa, espada wong jowo po??

                                                                          Lhayo ker lek riko mesoh gara-gara kadit itreng lha terus disalahno iku karepe opo ker? Lak gendeng a?
                                                                          Niat ngomong yo seng jelas gak yo ta? Lha ngomong bosoe dewe cok, lek ngono ae kene yo iso, tapi kan gak maen jeneng e ker wong dulinan tim.

                                                                          Yami Yugi

                                                                            P.S. There is a possibility my reply to @. not understandable to him, because yeah, we have so much ascent on our island, let alone our country, fellow Indonesian require Bahasa to speak each other when they visit different region, that's why I put more attention in this post than usual. DotA2 is a team game, teamwork can only happen when your every team member speak the same language.

                                                                            Yami Yugi

                                                                              Same goes when you insult your enemy with a different language they speak, except valve encourage such behavior.


                                                                                Skem? Kuku?
                                                                                Those pinoy?
                                                                                No wonder.
                                                                                Nothing special.

                                                                                Micko Black la légende du...

                                                                                  When someones tells me "baguette" in the chat or when singsing makes the french accent it just makes me laugh.

                                                                                  Why so ? Because we have loads of jokes based on stereotypes that we do between ourselves (Northern & Southern frenchies) and other nations (Big up to our beloved belgians).

                                                                                  When it comes to in game hateful racist insults, we just take it easy and start what we call a "clash" answering with non-racist jokes (i.e. kinda funny rap battle) and most of the time the racist guy starts laughing with us or just loses all his street crediblity and gets triggered (which is an insta-win).

                                                                                  As an historical reminder, modern racism started with the will to classify humans into categories, set hierarchies over these categories and assigning pejorative stereotypes on those.
                                                                                  It's personal hate and frustration mixed with this evil hierarchy across humans that is genuine racism not some damn joke about "baguette".

                                                                                  IMHO, this "Ching chong" (not all, quoted !!) seems less (didn't say not) racist compared to what chinese had to suffer during the japanese occupation, permanent pejorative talks on a specific community on TV, job application discrimination, slavery in some countries or the "Ah..." when you say where you live/come from to this beautiful girl at a party.

                                                                                  Peace to everyone.

                                                                                  PS: EZ WORLD CUP MBAPPE POGBA KANTE LLORIS VARANE [...] RULZZ

                                                                                  Lonely Guy

                                                                                    POPCORN HERE! POPCORN! SELLING POPCORN HERE!


                                                                                      how about sayin pinoy, pignoy, indog, jews ?
                                                                                      that is not racist ?
                                                                                      "oh that's not included as racism" -ch1n3s3 guy who spoke english
                                                                                      segawon kon kabeh, asu


                                                                                        A lot of you are missing the point here which is Professional Dota 2 players should not be racist in a public setting. That is it. Period. They have a standard to uphold because it is their obligation as a professional. Whether you are a CEO, a janitor, or a professional gamer, you have an obligation to not be a fucking douche bag in public. No one gives two shits about the toxicity and racism in your games.


                                                                                          KILL ALL THE SCRIPTERS USING AND ALLOWING IT INTO DOTA I FUKIN HATEIT

                                                                                          Yami Yugi

                                                                                            @L A Z E R H A W K

                                                                                            you are missing the point here which is Professional Dota 2 players should not

                                                                                            Speaking his own language like it was nothing, disrespecting other players, causing them triggered because wtf are you saying dude? ChingChong!

                                                                                            Same goes to every players out there, Skem and Kuku included. Is it so hard to learn english?


                                                                                              pinoys flaming chinks xDDDDDDDDDDDD the irony!

                                                                                              Homeless Cop

                                                                                                @GrimmzDOTA - This is the stupidest logic I've ever heard. What on earth are you on about? Not being able to be racist is impeding your free speech? How about you not allowing me to call out your racism. How's that now impeding MY free speech?


                                                                                                  I love people trying to make this a out free speech. Snowflakes triggered about the existance of racism and getting called out. Valve is not the government, your free speech is fine. Stop watching anti-sjw sjw snowflakes


                                                                                                    Can we please make fun of each other again? why is poking fun at someone such a big deal. its called being playful.

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