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    first huh?


      fuzzy wuzzy...

      Back after 3 week break

        Common traits with these 4:
        -Fast as fuck boi
        -Good damage output
        -tanky as hell

        El Carnicero Fachero....

          Peruanos me dan asco

          Firefly Fun House

            What about tiny?


              Oh yeah nope bear is numba 1


                "Today, instead of going over still-viable utility supports we’ve talked at length about in 7.20, we would like to concentrate on these new DPS/Utility Hybrids that are making waves in both high-level pubs and the pro-scene."

                You may want to correct 'Utility supports' to 'Utility offlaners'.

                Great article though!


                  Tiny has been nerfed too much i guess


                    been facing a solo offlane lifestealer lately, cant kill him in 2 v 1 scenario
                    his current movespeed are pretty absurd compared to pre 7.21

                    it seems just about time until fast and tanky offlane heroes in the meta


                      I started to hate recent patches meta more and more. It seems like icefrog just throws shit against a wall to see what sticks and implements it. More and more the game gets dumbed down and turned into a mindless brawl, where heroes that just throw themselves at the enemy heroes and towers and more and more popular and powerful. Also, items like sy, pipe, shadow blade (even in divine, this is so powerful if you play from behind since you'll be under constant threat if you don't have gold for vision), dagger, which are midgame items, totally dominate the tempo. I've seen weird shit mashed together that worked pretty well. The nature of the game is anti strategic more than ever.

                      At the very least, if icefrog is going to rotate 60% winrates patch after patch, I could enjoy seeing a different hero up there rather than the same exact shit that was popular and powerful 2 patches ago. But no, it's the same shit over and over again. It's either throw-your-face-against-the-tower heroes or throw-your-face-against-enemy-team heroes.


                        @Cazador de Peruanos.... Soy peruano. Te reto 1v1.

                        aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                          If you don't care being cheap, just use Ogre and whack the carry out the lane. Made me to Divine II.


                            What about Lone Druid ? He's very strong when dual laning.


                              Start investing in ck! Buy Buy Buy


                                Nothing can run away from Ursa on the early game anymore.

                                Seriously, it is so sad to play Pugna, KOTL and Skywrath and realize that you cant outrun the bear. Feels like such a overkill considering that Ursa also has a slow and always rush Phase Boots.




                                    GGWP :) NOW URSA BEFORE LS MANY CANCER WILL USE IT


                                      effective in archon rank


                                        invest in Chaos Coin


                                          next patch : ursa base armor decreased from 8 to 3
                                          Agi growth increased from 2.3 to 2.9 every level


                                            Ursa has been nerfed, is this hero still be good as an offlane in the current patch? Please give me your thoughts on this. Thanks.


                                                Sven isn't good?

                                                Sopy ∟

                                                  есть русские? одни амерекосы