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    ^^ The lists should be text instead of images ¬¬


      Nice post.
      Future suggestions:

      Most versatile player (most heroes picked)

      Team with shortest game time/longest game time (average and one time record)

      DarkWave Freak


        no handshake

          Stats that don't compare between players' values (gold, xp, kills, etc) between several games are hardly interesting, since they give a very skewed representation of performances. Please consider adding this element to your next articles so that stats are given their fair due.


            @CMENViktory I tried but unfortunately I wasn't able to get the blog post to properly format as a table so I had to post it as an image.


              These number just grow with the game length, how is it even useful?

              please give us stats per minute, wards killed per sentries, ward survive time, kills per ward vision.

              FS FS

                pls give us balls scratched per game.


                  It would be interesting to show best performance with a hero. IE who had the best game as Tiny and so on for each hero.

                  Bhod_Gyalo [TNGSZ]

                    I think most last hits was matu and most kills sumail


                      @topsonam These stats are only from the main event and not the group stage!

                      Von Darkmoor

                        Looks to me like afk farm FA*S lost.

                        Modo Setso

                          Hector esta bien rankeado