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      Why do they have to increase sentry ward restock time? Now everyone wants a shadow blade.

      I think they are waiting for a buffalo patch 7.23 so they went to nerf so many heroes. Once 7.23 comes out, everyone will jump to the new hero, then they will quickly nerf that new hero.


        Nightstalker... seriously fuck that hero so damn annoying


          Ok ^^^

          Ai No Chikara

            Undying with his heal is amazing right now,very low cooldown and can heal teammate to full hp in 1 clap only.i won almost every game playing him as hard support


              Surprised to see no mention of Nightstalker. New aghs is a sick farming/teamfight tool, and with bkb blink silence the hero can delete any mega farmed core in the late game. The mini buff to Void in daytime is nice for his laning phase when he already had good base damage and attack animation.


                How about NS? That guy is too OP now...


                  They wrote this about CK: "The hero’s main problem of having some unwinnable matchups still persists"

                  What unwinnable matchups? I feel like CK's biggest counter is probably Axe? But Axe has BKB peircing abilities, everyone is countered by axe to some degree... am I missing something here?

                  What unwinnable matchups is he talking about? Svens good I guess, not unwinnable.

                  Just play CK like me:


                  20-25 min armlet + heart is literally one of the most overpowered timings in the entire game. CK has NEVER been underpowered... people just don't know how to play and itemize... you don't go midas EVER. That's the biggest pepega itemization I've ever seen in dota history.

                  You used to be able to squeeze in echo sabre + armlet before heart, but now i think it's a little too slow in this meta... just go armlet + heart ez wins. I would play way more ck if i wanted ez wins, its so OP i don't even play it much unless im desperate.


                    lion, pugna, and wyvern counter ck hard. CK is also a hero who has problem taking towers


                      alch can still win games just need to itemize better, also buff clockwerk on the offlane aspect pls icefrog

                      mode iceiceice enigma

                        tinker with aghs shits on ck

                        Violent J

                          Seems silly not to mention Night Stalker, and if you're going to mention a tiny buff to CK and ignore PL buff... Why do we read this?

                          Lion hardly counters ck hard. Just the earth spike. Unless you let him get to level 25 for the aoe... But that's on you.

                          Brünk Hüll


                            Lion can be a pretty frustrating counter with mana drain and hex destroying illusions. Boop, ulti gone.


                              Medusa counters CK so hard it is unwinnable. Lion and Jakiro are also quite problematic. Maybe I am forgetting others.

                              ꓘ X K

                                Medusa is not that bad for Ck, Ck just run back when she ult and comes back in.
                                Warlock, Invoker, tinker,UL, PL, UD, Specre, abbadon, meepo, tide, ET, all are pain in the ass for ck
                                But Naga completlty remove CK from the game

                                Eye of the Beeholder

                                  I think people are sleeping on CK as position 4 with the buff to his CD reduction talent. The only issue is his small mana pool, but with an early drums/euls and the movement speed talent at 10, his base movement speed, and reality rift, he's a pretty scary gap closer with a potentially very long stun. His aghs in combination with other certain carry heroes like Void or Jugg can be very scary.

                                  Burma Jones

                                    CK mid, next big thing.


                                      CK has issues with many heroes... Or he would have had a field trip in TI9. He doesn't do well against AOE damage as that takes care of the illusions very quickly. Sure, with ult on, he can possible one-hit many supports or even cores, but if there is a Lesh or ES or something similar on the other team, well, he is tough out of luck and essentially is a hero without ultimate...

                                      I find CK quite strong as well, but he cannot and should not be picked early. In the right game he can dumpster the game for sure, but in the wrong one, he doesn't do much.

                                      NS seems to be quite good now... But he barely got touched in this patch. He is on the verge of just plain sucking and dominating... And this little thing pushed him over the edge. But in all honesty, there really aren't that "bad" heroes in the game. If Ana Io proved something, it is just a matter of utilizing the talents of the hero in the best possible way...

                                      Clockwerk for example, has seen some small buffs in a few patches and he is viable now, especially for a player who has played him to some extent. The heroes that seem to be bad, are that, usually because of the current flavor of the month heroes countering them hard. Not like they got bad due to some weird shadow nerf from Gaben...

                                      And Alchemist, well, his timings were thrown off a little bit, but it isn't like he doesn't make extra cash from creeps any more. He just gets a little less. This nerf basically changed very little for your average 45 minute pub game... For the pro's and top tier MMR grinders, sure, but in the shit tier, he still gets items faster than anyone else, you just have to possibly workout a new item build for the hero and it takes time...

                                      We all waiting for the 7.30 patch... With all of the new stuffs...


                                        NS is the captain now.


                                          Your TI9 predict sucks


                                            time to try visage

                                            NoEunhaNoLife- 

                                              Bannee techiea