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    First comment haha

    Girls Are Awsome

      this hero is dogshit in pups .

      tusker or mirana are better pup pos 4


        Bombo bhai please take notice


          One of my favorites.


            As a 5 yes, as a 3 or 4 only effective until mid game, unless ur snowballing hard

            perspective player

              Nice as 5, no reason to pick it for different roles.
              Strong laner, can pressure, can heal, can tank - such versatility is pretty non-existent on other supports.
              On weak part are cooldowns are rather big.
              And talents are freaking weird. They look strong on paper, but don't feel the same in a game. Lack of any kind of XP gain or GPM talent is what holds Undying from being top notch support.


                position 1 undying let's get it

                Gachi is Manly

                  Undying skill combo and build is actually fit to be a pos 3, but he lacks what pos 3 needs most, ability to farm fast so he can catch up after getting zoned if enemy picks strong laner.

                  aikyu3 SuBi ♪

                    Buff it with a +60 gold talent at level 10, then Undying will be a good pick in pubs.

                    Saitama Sensei

                        Thoughts on this hero as a pos 4? I see him mentioned mainly as a 5 in this blog post but surely he would do well in the offlane support role?


                          This post could be resumed to one word: NO


                            "получается получить"

                            big piston4ik

                              tomstone on cliff


                                It's impossible to recover by farming from a bad laning stage with Undying decay, so the pick would be a huge gamble if teammates can play around the aggressive style or not. If they could it would payoff well, but if they can't, the pick becomes a total dipshit. An underfarmed Undying in late game is totally useless.


                                  Decay is one hell of a skill! And spamming it makes it impossible to stay on the lane. And you need to get levels to spam it, the cooldown gets shorter quite well... The problem with this hero is that basically none of the general metrics really show his effect at all. He doesn't do hero damage, he is not good at hitting towers and he is an average healer, but his effect in the game is massive.


                                    Undying 5 broken against strenght heros

                                    Saitama Sensei

                                        This hero is cancer if you don't know that his tomb can easily be destroyed by illusions

                                        Papa Zen

                                          Has any one tried to go meme hammer On pos3 dirge? Able to farm waves/push towers, I haven’t tried it myself yet however


                                            Your TI9 predict sucks

                                            sum ting wong

                                              I think if icefrog reworks his aghs then undying might have a big impact on late game, if done right, that is


                                                Decent lane dominating pos 5 support but his earyl game impact realy depends on save lance carry


                                                  With undying you must play him in aggressive manner as early as possible. If not, the hero will suffer from the ability to gain more items coming from mid to late game

                                                  Brünk Hüll

                                                    Undying might be a good candidate for perma-steal, similar to slark or silencer. Maybe a movement speed buff too? He isn't slow but he isn't fast either. Really though, my biggest problem with the hero is how despite being able to create good opportunities, he always feels like he needs conditions to be just right. You gotta manage that lane well without draining your mana pool too far, and there have to be enough targets for soul rip, and you have to make sure there is a stun ready to go blah blah blah he just has a lot of caveats but not necessarily any 100% reliable spells. It's hard to complain about too much since you still can get everything to work once you get the hang of it, but it never *doesn't* feel like walking a tightrope while someone is sawing at one end, even when it's going fairly decent.


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