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    The Tran with a Plan

      he is either a God among mortals, single handedly winning the game for you, or a sixth enemy to face, sometimes both within the same game

      Never have I seen a more accurate description of the average pub voker.

      Bad Daddy Jesus

        No OD?


          Gonna show this to all my teammates that first pick mid pudge, rush blink, then complain about our carry and offlane being useless.

          Seroj The Unbroken

            Interestingly enough, the description ov Invoker holds true for Pudge as well, of course with a lot more lean towards the sixth enemy case :)


              in war 3 i only played mom/alacrity/crits voker


                Puck is good ya I admit but I dare anyone pick puck against my OD mid.

                Wei WuXian

                  creo que el OD esta fuerte con el martillo meteoro


                    Viper is a good mid to learn the mid lane. you forgot that hero lol


                      Lol, Best mid to lose MMR fast


                        Peruanos só sabem fuder a partida dos brasileiros.


                          surprised OD isn't here considering how many times that jerk been picked lately

                          Can't think of a proper n...

                            Clinkz falls off in high level pubs? Check better, players are just playing him incorrectly, it's entirely possible to have high or very high winrate with the hero, even though it's not a standard mid.


                              either wp invoker or gg injoker


                                No paragraph for pudge, this is discrimination.


                                  Yes, yes it is)