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Nice Shoes. They both yours?





        Very nice, more of these posts please!

        Insomniac Owl

          I will save this page in case I achieve someone I know to play the game.

          Seriously I would say venomancer lion

          Unfair bot enjoyer

            Nobody maxes stun on wk anymore he's purely a farming machine, so i dont see the point of pairing him with kotl. A more aggressive safelaner like CK would be a better combination tbh.


              Upon reading the topic, it indeed lived by the expectation of the title, and really good to absorb and later on invite a relatively new friend to enjoy the game to pair up with an experienced "You". Great work @KawaiiSocks!


                So true so many heroes to pair in duo newcomers + veterans, kawaiisocks your point are right on the dot! boom! better give them tool how to catch fish rather giving them a fish to sum it up will boils down to one conclusion old saying goes "practice makes perfect" just like Oreo cookie dunk'n dip it on the milk, going through the process and nail each spells hello more fun dota. (just sharing my own thoughts and opinions thank you kawaiisocks for your excellent in-deep DOTA article love your work!)


                  This is very cool, and actually makes sense!

                  Brünk Hüll

                    This is a fun topic. Hmmmm.

                    I'm a fan of Jakiro as a beginner support, as the hero can provide multiple advantages without piling on extra strategy for the newcomer to have to understand. You can slow, stun, damage, and DAMAGE BUILDINGS!!!!!! You're also not absolute glass, and a mana free spell THAT DAMAGES BUILDINGS!!!!!!!!! These are blunt skills that the newcomer can immediately say "ok I can do that" and instantly see positive results to hamhanded spellcasting. I'd pair it with something that likes to push but doesn't force the newcomer to be on their tail the entire time. Luna, Drow, Naga if you're going to be harrass-y.