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    then i saw


      wow really lol why has no one commented

      aikyu3 SuBi ♪

        o k


          Does the draft picker function analysis your own performance on heroes and the bracket you play in aswell as the general meta and hero match ups?


            @Peelioka It does! It looks at both the current meta and strong heroes as well as your play history and what heroes you're good at.

            D I S T A N T M E M O R I...

              sounds pretty cool - any chance for a mac version?


                Would love to do a mac version as I use a mac for most of my day. Will hopefully add Mac support eventually.


                  When i saw the title, i thought it was a mobile app LOL


                    Whenever I read that a product has something to do with LOL players my immediate instinct is that the product is designed for children and other such weak minded folk like the vast majority of the LOL community.

                    Von Moltke the Elder

                      I am liking the app. Does the Timing module have an audio notification? Or are notifications not yet implemented?

                      Il Separatio

                        Can you make a guide on pos. 5 Puck please?

                        Mohammed El Sayed

                          Now we need dedicated application instead of browser to get access to the web site.

                          Man Blanket

                            I am sure some talented developers have put their best foot forward with this app and it does seem like a legitimately big step forward for Dotabuff. I would be excited to give it a try if it weren't for the fact this site is untenable to navigate without an ad blocker and its trackers set a dubious precedent for installing a native app from Elo on my PC. At least for me the bridge to desktop is built on trust. In general though I think Elo's product team needs to have a discussion about how to monetize a great product without betraying the trust of its users or turning them away with intrusive ads. Maybe doubleclick just sucks, refreshing and queuing ads with videos every 10 seconds at every page, but it seems like other free + premium SaaS platforms use a less obnoxious, "Here's the ad, it only happens here. Disable it and gain access to more features with premium" approach. Maybe the point is to be annoying because you do offer an ad free premium experience... If it is i'd wager dial back the annoying 3 notches and double down on the ad free premium without making people suspicious the client is a reskinned Bonsai Buddy.


                              waiting for mobile app


                                Will they get banned for him like in Overwolf?


                                    Is this safe to use or are there any chances of getting banned?


                                      I'll give it a try.

                                      Dark Blue

                                        is this allowed by valve? I would like to give a try.


                                          It's not updated for the latest patch so things like rune timers are off, also the timing assistant (and pretty much all of the assistants) are pretty useless if you don't have a second monitor, there's no time to toggle the interface in game and watch events manually, either it should be some kind of an overlay you can position on top of dota that is visible constantly or there should be sound triggers for different upcoming in game events.

                                          MAJOR PAYNE

                                            I have low end pc and either this app or overwolf causes regular lagging(similar to long ping, but ping was actually ok). I had to delete it finally.