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      DP nerfs please and thank you <3


        I'm expecting to see pitlord nerfed again, he stomps lanes that he shouldn't, at least in my skill bracket..
        I would love to see a Techies nerf where remote mines cannot be detonated while Techies is dead

        Tryhard 1992

          Nerf all of the spirits volvo
          its boring to see void spirit especially in every single game.


            I love this article, these were the three heroes that came to mind. That is for the pro scene but for the pubs scene these heroes as strong as they are, aren't always played to the full potential, I feel its a carry meta currently with such strong pos 1 heroes such as Alchy, Jugg or Wk to name a few. The heroes mentioned are some of the best at dealing with these heroes so valve and icefrog must be careful as it can result and an indirect buff to pos 1 players.

            Mediocrity in its purest ...

              Underlord, wk, jug and Enigma need a nerf.


                Void Spirit and Puck deserve the fattest nerf from IceFrog. Those two stomp pub and pro scene at the same time. Also Jugg because fuck Jugg.

                Я хочу быть твоей спермой

                  Nerfs from the point of view of the pro scene are necessary primarily for the troll, phantom lancer and MK.
                  On the other hand, ponerfit heroes "especially for cheaters" (techies, skymag, and so on) would be no less reasonable because most of the players say goodbye to the game because of Smurfs and boosters, as well as cheaters.




                      I didn't mind seeing the spirits but what i found quite stale with the Singapore Major and the current meta was seeing:

                      Tusk, Troll, Pheno, DP, MK and to a lesser extent Pango/Mars.

                      You either banned them or picked them almost every game.


                        The only reason why you would want to nerf Io and Phoenix is to balance the competitive scene. It is quite obvious that heroes like Jugg and Puck, as well as Alchem is being banned most of the time. You would realize supports in 3k mmr love to pick hereos like Alchem or Beast to go jungle, or any other semicarry hero coz you dont really need hard supports in this patch.

                        Sophus Lie

                          DP, IO, Tinker are way to obnoxious in pubs.


                            tinker aghs should be nerfed for sure, too much damage for the price
                            it is not normal that you can easily kill bristle with shroud+heart in the back with just one 4k gold damage item, which also gives 400 cast range, bounce and useful stats
                            old tinker hit less hard with dagon 5, and playing vs him already wasnt fun at all


                              Juggernaut should be on this list.

                              ᶲᶲ ﴾InÐꬲx﴿ ᶲᶲ

                                Whoever wants a phoenix nerf, use it first and then give their opinion.