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    Should be fun.


      Well, carries may not LIKE to get blink dagger, but swift blink and overwhelming blink at least softens the blow in that regard, even if they lost uncapped MS on swift blink. Besides, swift blink + abyssal made it impossible to run from certain carries


        IMO sange yasha might need a nerf. or a manta buff again. since you rarely get manta other than for dispelling orchid etc. or you are an illusion hero that passive work well with manta like spec ck etc. since SNY passive is much better than an active illusion rune like manta. and now you have satanic that dispel as well, might as well be the downfall of manta and carry like morph goes SNY satanic instead of Manta skadi. its just my opinion.


          dawnbreaker! more like radiant breaker this patch nerfs the radiant side. it's really hard to win as the map is biased on the dire front. dire outpost nearer to roshan and neutrals are spaced well very easily for stacking. And hoodwink damn is OP on this patch good luck chasing that squirrel.

          Sildenafil 25mg

            RIP Hoodwink, all the trees were nice but they giga overnerfed her. W being even smaller despite already being size nerfed once already is an oof, but the ult changes is what really kills the hero.

            No vision on ult is pretty big especially for p2 hoodwink that can't ult the high ground in lane. You pretty much can only hit ult in teamfights cause the moment you lose vision its near impossible, add on that the reward for actually hitting it got nerfed as well. Aghs sounds neat but its not in her budget as a p4, and she's too mana hungry as a p2.

            Играю нестандартно

              Lancer: * has a 100% win rate on pro scene and with 13k of total value becomes an unkillable machine with billions of damage*
              VALVE: * improve diffusial blade *

              This is basically all you need to know about the "usefulness" of the changes you make


                I was surprised to see a buff to AA. It was a strong support already but the aghs change makes it viable as a mid. Fast lvl 6 now with a follow aghs which reduces mana cost by 50% is huge. Get range talent on 10 and a lance and you do tons of damage from outside the map. Except from pos 1, this hero can have any other role. This looks to me as a first pick/first ban

                Dr4gon L4dy

                  Ahhaah my poor poor clinkz had been ruined now ahah he's my favorite hero and now the update has ruined him for good now but also hoodwink shiesh her ult is less damage and her W is so weak now and her Q does less bounces, it's like Dota is trying to ruin my fav heros


                    Hoodwink was pretty op last patch. Every patch has op heroes to exploit. It is just a matter of time before the nerf hammer comes.

                      stop, don't run!

                        I love Gold Digger's ultimate: you can see a gold circle and you know "Oh, here she comes". It's really fun and well-designed. A female Thor.

                        Throw mode : off

                          @Снюсовый сомелье crusader insight. How nice!!!


                            Looks like a Female Draenei Paladin

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