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Kir Kanos

    Firsties!!! His AOE slow shouldn't be dismissed. In a big team fight it can provide even more CC.

    Brünk Hüll

      All fair enough points, but I would assume Warlock being worth picking would also require you to be able to play a teamfight reliant lineup.


        sha sha karakas shon


          Warlock pretty tough support so can win almost every dummy duel with other support heroes. With his heal even vs triple can be easy for farming by carry.


            (Golem cries in background for being a bkb piercing stun these days)


              easy babysit early with healing, fatal bonds for team fight , movement not slow - good for stacking


                I was hoping u guys would not feature my mmr grinding hero. The skill build is usually W-Q-W-E-W-R, and max W then Q then E. The 1 point in E is actually very useful for saving carries or enabling ganks. The only time my team loses is when the opponent has late game carries that my team cannot counter. For the talents I take +50 golem ms, +40 upheaval dmg and +25 shadow word heal.

                Golem is also very strong for pushing uncontested lanes. Golems are good at tanking towers for some time before moving to the backlines to cut creep waves. I usually try to cast golem as soon as i get my level 6 to make as much space for my team.

                Any mmr below 3.5k, Warlock is basically a free win. I have been having very tough games recently due to BB and Medusa as well as Arc Warden. Basically heroes that can tank insane amounts of dmg will counter Warlock and his team, as no matter how much heal you use, your team has no dmg, which is actually very sad.

                Throat singing enjoyer

                  Boring hero but effective I guess.

                  baloney choux moutarde

                    Why Warlock is good
                    1- Shadow word shard is broken
                    2- Shadow word talents are broken
                    Saved you reading a useless article


                      That's just the way it is....


                        yea this patch WL is a new KOTL in terms of healing mechanic with shard. Both can push very early (I'm making Holy Locket 1st on my KOTL games now with max iluminate asap), and basically your team will never run out of HP once you get your kit ready. The fact that illuminate now heals even at night makes KOTL very very strong pushing hero at any given time, but in my bracket teams just don't push early lol. So I end up with below 50% wr even when I'm picking these heroes.

                        I think another side you don't mention in this article is that shard makes shadow word a potent farming tool as well. It's crazy range is helpful when you want to farm wave safely from distance. I usually use fatal bond on top of it to ensure I still get some gold even when there are friendly waves. It will definitely be nerfed though. Getting it at min 20 with just 1400 gold is way too cheap.


                          Its basically free MMR. I got 27k healing in a 35 minute game