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    googoo gaagaa first

    Also, I feel like Abbaddon is underrated. AA is really strong in this meta because he completely negates the strong healing these heroes provide but if he's banned, abba can be a good alternative if the rest is taken/banned. Just go Arcanes -> Locket (disassemble boots) -> Aghs and go soak up enemies AoE tears as you coil everyone around you automatically.


      Warlock with holy locket and aghanim shard plus talents can heal entire army 90+ hp per second and duration can be longer then cd.


        dazzle with holy locket = jesus heal <3


          Another holy war


            Dazzle with GG boots is usually gg... I guess the holy locket can do the same. The 50% cooldown reduction really kicks in with the 20 second GG boots.

            Yea, the tanky heroes are now the thing, but this is a game where the damage will always outclass survivability eventually. That is why Axe isn't going to carry your team through the late game into victory... But outlasting your opponent is a viable strategy before the "anti mage has finished farming" happens.


              This is probably something I missed. When is the best timing for Holy Locket? Is this going to be your 1st item build on the support next to boots? I was also thinking of mana boots heroes that transition to tranquil boots can have it as that item timing.


                nice nice nice