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    Interesting. Good review of hopeful meta changes.


      Where is the wishes? Am I missing Something? It’s mainly observations :-)
      Would love to hear ideas and alternatives discussed and proposed.


        Надеюсь сранную медузу порежут


          For several patches the drafting mechanic was not even spoken of. This is one of my main issues since more than 20 to 25 heroes are being banned every game. Not even talking about ranked games. I just wanna play pudge and the hero gets banned every single game. Hell even people who doesn't play the hero just pick it for it to get banned. We need to see our fun heroes back to being picked every other game at least or remove all pick and place random draft instead where half of the pool is banned it's basically the same at this point.


            Thanks for the article.
            Sorely missing a new patch. Need something to deal with the teams that pull ahead mid/late.

            Personal wish: pudge self-denies to come back :D


              Kill ww , gut ta , cut medusa and luna in half and that should be it .


                Too many afk junglers!!It ruins the game!!


                  i like to see this in the next patch : going lp also reduce mmr by 100. so nobody dare to ruin games.
                  and remove techies :)


                    They still let this guy write articles?


                      imo,please icefrog bring back the shrines <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 shrine ftw!!!!!!!

                      Il Separatio

                        IceFrog, replace Vengeful Spirit Aghanim's Shard please


                          I do want to see the trilane meta come back tbh... It has been a while and would be a good refresh

                          Kot Geass

                            Dont u think t hat bottle is op? Like its unreal to harass enemy midlaner and make him buy resources . Especially with water and bounty runes . Bottleless heroes in a huge disadvantage i guess


                              we just want techies be removed thanks


                                I hate this meta. Slow games, laining stage doesn't matter anymore and afk junglers are everywhere.
                                Doesn't matter if you dominate the lane or lose it hard, cores of both teams retreat to jungle to farm and whoever farms faster wins the game (that's literally why luna, medu or tb are meta carries).
                                I had games where we won all lanes but ended up losing the game cause their 0-5-0 luna came in a fight with bkb and shard to win the game, while we couldn't match him with more than 3 items on each of our cores.
                                Just a terrible, terrible meta which encourages afk farming.


                                  And such meta is most boring for support players like me who have to just wander around for 10 mins, doing nothing but placing wards so the carry can "come online".

                                  Lighthouse Technologies

                                    Saludos al colectivo de dotabuff, desde Cuba hay una gran comunidad que sigue el sitio. <3

                                    47 хромосом

                                      Do something already with the initial stage in the game, it's very boring to play, I don't want to start the game because of the first 10 minutes in the game.


                                        Довольное интересное мышление, но если все эти изменения и правда будут, вы хотите чтобы было как год-два назад? Игры по 15-20 минут а если игра зашла до момента выпада 5 тир нейтралок то это чудо? Про то что будет твориться в турбо я даже говорить не хочу, а то у меня флешбеки от игр по 10 минут будут.


                                          Most of the recent changes seem aimed at two major goals:

                                          1) preventing trolls from ruining a game (so now everyone has their own courier; shrines are gone; more specific reporting and Overwatch; etc.)

                                          2) making the game less challenging for noobs and LoL migrants (hence nerfs to denies; removal of Necronomicon ->prolonged jungling; a map that promotes trench warfare; etc.)

                                          They have done a pretty good job with #1, but with #2 most of the changes result in longer, more tedious games where a few carries can overcome getting outplayed early and mid-game. That is frustrating for higher-skilled and more experienced players. I never saw Lion or Luna in a pro game until this year. It was refreshing for a little while; now it is utterly boring.

                                          I used to love seeing pro teams come up with creative ways to win efficiently; now it seems they have limited and predictable options, unfortunately.

                                          СтаниславОчка (prod

                                            Delete f*cking techies !!! And game be cool ;)


                                              This article says nothing... boring. I thought some ideas will be shared with us.


                                                Shadow shaman's talent so freaking boring. Make new or riot.