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Avada Balenciaga

    First at last!


      why yall let duality write articles smh


        nah this gud


          I like sd but my team starts to tilt practically all the time I pick him. Low rang pubbers underestimate shadow demon a lot. Even in ranked people don't even try to evade shadow poison on lane. After they get killed by me solo on sd they realize: "Omg this skill does a lot of dmg if has 4 or more stacks". Enough said about disruption and purge.


            Its still inferior to that of Dark Seer or Grimstroke aghs. The delay allows the opponent to land stuns on those illusions. Grimstroke can do many more things with much higher damage.


              Still dont understand what is taking Valve so long to rework Luna's shard. She already has 54% winrate and is being spammed across all brackets.