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    Omni is back in the meta, yaaa


      trilane might work now


        Not a fan they removed the +2 INT talent for Silencer. Just sayin.


          Pretty solid article. I think the zoo is back for sure, but at least you got a buff Sven who can counter it. Lots of possible strong lanes. I like the Omni/Sven and Slark/Bane. l


            @Zenorth. Silencer WR is up to like 54 right now they had to scale him down a bit. Even nubs were right clicking and winning on him.

            The Knave

              wierd that theres no clinkz when the most stable carry now is clinkz and sven


                Omni was decent and before 7.30, the only thing change, the pro players starts to pick him.


                  @Zeneroth Honestly thank GOD they removed that +2 Int talent. Silencer has become an absolute nightmare in pubs. He feels like a strong mid that dominate the lane and then stops your team from ever coming online, because its so hard to fight into global silence before bkbs/euls are online. But even when he gets played as a 4 or 5 he just seems to contribute so much more damage and slow now. Pos4 silencer is so annoying to play against as a core. The damage and harass is insane


                    I really like this patch's favorites, except what they did to underlord... but I guess that was inevitable considering how high his WR was last patch.

                    URAŞMA QUBİ YORQUN

                      where is the silencer. dealing 1300 damage at lvl 10 with pressing 2 buttons.