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    first EZ



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        They need to buff Treant Protector so he's in the meta!


          Clinkz? Hes currently pretty populair right now


            I feel like Dawnbreaker is going to be heavily abused by teams for a REALLY strong 5 man timing draft. I can see OG or LGD picking it up and then making it impossible to take a head on fight. Coupled with DB's global presence, it would be hard to beat.


              The stack nerfs were not big enough to incentivize a different playstyle. In fact, one could argue that now stacking is even more important, since heroes get less per extra neutral camp.

              I dont really agree with this statement, i believe a better carry playstyle would be the ones who can take multiple camps safely and easily, since heroes get less per extra stacked neutral camp. So I think heroes like TB, naga, life, ursa would be great since they dont take stacks and usually dominate lanes ( ursa and life) and can farm easily (TB and naga)


                I think Clinkz got nerfed into oblivion, so I don't expect to see much of him.


                  I expect to see Brewmaster


                    I'm sure venge and silencer are gonna be picked alot.
                    @kawaii btw we like to see ur posts in forum too, I created this for TI predictions: