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    Most picked: venge / most banned : silencer
    let's see who wins in prediction kawaii ! ;)


      Most picked: Warlock
      Most banned: Tiny


        I'm seeing Silencer as the most banned hero as well. He does interrupt a lot of things and counters a lot of heroes in order to let him through and he is in a very good place at the moment even without the ulti.

        The most picked hero is always harder to pick... Some hero that is popular but isn't seen as such a threat that he isn't first phase banned in good chunk of the games. Probably a support hero...

        I'm not so sure about the 101+ hero bans... I feel like there are at least a couple of dozen heroes that are not being played much at all. I see them getting a game or two in the tournament (for pretty much all heroes), but banning some hero that is very rarely played is basically wasting a ban... Unless the hero totally counters your lineup, but these boys are usually not it.


          ^only in low mmr games silencer is dominating as people dont build dispels, TI teams will autobuild bkbs and atleast lotus orbs/mantas/euls against silencer so i dont think they will waste ban on silencer.

          São Bernardino

            Second category is 101+. Compared to competition, Dota doesn’t produce the same hero time after time, using one of roughly five predefined templates. Every hero in Dota is unique and every one has a reason to appear in a professional game.

            I'M LAUGHING OUT LOUD. Great comparison, from someone that played a lot of games on the "competition", I can relate to that.


              @São Bernardino at least guy has like 3k matches more than u, ranks higher than u, and the most important thing is he has data to look at

              Athena Azise

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