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simply superior

    wow, first


      Is there any place to check fantasy scores and averages?


        poyoyo isn't facing PSG.LGD tomorrow, VG and PSG.LGD match up is on day 3.

        poyoyo is facing ELEPHANTS, Quincy, Spirit while Eurus is facing VG, Spirit, Secret.

        so they face each other, both face Spirit, but poyoyo got the advantage of facing Quincy while Eurus faces Secret.

        the only reason to slot Eurus over poyoyo is if you believe Elephants are gonna stomp VG.

        The same goes for Somnus over Ori as mid.


          elephant + SG tomorrow! 2 cores GOLD card SG and 1 silver 1 gold Elephant! SUP by PSG with 1 gold too! ez ez 485 first day


            @Antani: Thanks, fixed. The point still stands and given how Secret played vs. Beastcoast yesterday, perhaps they are an easier opponent compared to QC


              @KawaiiSocks well, I'd like to say I'm not bragging but honestly I am :D, seems like my decision to play poyoyo and Ori over Eurus and Somnus is paying off for now

              Edit: on the other hand, I went with DJ and Yapzor as supports to hedge having already 2 VG players and that wasn't as smart in hindsight


                Yeah, I might have overestimated elephant tbh. My logic was VG and Elephant both 1-1 Fnatic, but VG won SG, who are a bit of an underdog, while Elephant won 2-0 vs. Beastcoast, who crushed Secret 2-0. So in my head, based on preliminary feeling about the team standings, Elephant were way above VG. At least DJ, Raven and Dy are doing really well)


                  In the end looks like playing against Secret was a big advantage fantasy wise for Elephants, not because Secret was an easy matchup but because of super long games.


                    Was thinking the same. Might reconsider my reasoninig for main stage fantasy. Though there it is mostly about guessing which team plays 2xBo3 on the day and not gets eliminated =/


                      That's an issue only on the 15th, 16th and 17th. ON 12th 13th and 14th no team can ever play two series.

                      Anyway, your lineup went: Raven (1) - Eurus (6) - Somnus (3) - DJ (2) . Dy (3)

                      Mine went: Raven (1) - poyoyo (2) - Ori (1) - Yapzor (1) - DJ (2), for the first time since I play fantasy dota I got the perfect lineup in a day