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    First line of understanding power levels section, I read that as "aghanim' spectre" XD

    Я не могу иначе

      Kawaii, Дыхание дракона режет весь урон, даже зелёный. А с талантом на все 55%, что очень сильно и, мне кажется, недооценено.


        Viper, like DK, is also mechanically simple, fairly tanky, and useable in other lanes. Otherwise he is a good complement in that he has exactly the skills that DK don't have:
        - is ranged
        - harassment & orb-walking
        - aoe farming/pushing


          DK seems a simple hero but it needs skills to win a game with him not ez for beginners
          I would recommend Tide and abaddon as tank heroes for beginners.


            Ez kill with pugna

            Slark Suρρort

              New player ? Just give him Sniper, he will learn all heroes automatically. He will have to memorize what skills other heroes have, in order to stay safe.

              Я хочу быть твоей спермой

                Pick DK
                Enemy pick Huskar
                Ruined game, delete dota

                Slim Shady

                  Dead game + ratio

                  If you play this you must have a mental issue


                    This author still useless