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Nice Shoes. They both yours?

    First! Nice work.


      I really like the changes to Axe and Necrophos with permanent scaling for every kill. Its something that makes the hero a lot more fun to play even if it is not that large of a change and will increase pick rates for sure. Look at what happened to Lion, before the permanent finger of death damage bonus lion was just another intelligence support, but after that change lions pickrate skyrocketed to the top of the charts and has stayed there ever since.


        omni got nerfed hard as a utility offlaner. since GA doesnt have a heal lol.


          WTF DOTA

          Brünk Hüll

            Late game carries just got a lot harder to manage I think. All these breaks and disarms in the jungle are going to make stacking less desirable. Not UNDESIRABLE, but if you can win with heroes that don't even care to jungle, you're going to have an easier time invading those stack farmers that are now more irritated outside of lane.


              I feel like the games in a really basic spot atm, it’s now at a spot where everything is op which in theory is great but you are relying on 4 random people to help you and that’s difficult

              Slark Suρρort

                Slark updates I really liked. They could have finished it perfectly by replacing Level 20 Shadow Dance Attack Speed with Shadow Dance Duration, and Level 25 Shadow Dance Duration with Invisibility.

                This would have completed the hero as a whole.


                  This patch is great. I have no idea why anyone could hate this patch after they did the mind bending work of adding another spell steal for Rubik, changing Techies, and adding a new hero. I'm impressed with the quality of life style upgrades on everything. My invoker is faster which is really nice. My forage spirits have the ability to farm more effectively for me. The 3x upgrade feels nice. The upgrade for Razor is great. I'm happy that the developers are starting to recognize that this game is hard and they are stopping it from changing in a drastic way. Fixing the game so it's at 120 tick and not so sluggish on higher settings while leaving everything alone sounds like a good use of resources. That way casual people can teach friends how to play who don't know how instead of waking up to a different game and feeling like quitting because something they really like is strange now. It's a relief to people who like their food the way it is made already to see their familiar dish. In the same way, I'm happy that I didn't wake up to a totally different Invoker. Instead I got a nice upgrade and quality of life changes. I don't want them to change the speed of hook and arrow and tornado... things like this. Players who have taken a break from the game can come back to their game able to use their skills. Put energy into the game running well on more hardware. Think about this... people have been playing chess for 300 years and we will love it for another 300 years. Dota is basically the same way if they do this correctly and don't ruin the game because someone had a "great idea". Look at all the people for example playing turbo mode or something and actually help them like adding ranked. Make the game smoother on more hardware through optimizations. Get actual marketing people and a mobile app version of the game.

                  This game is almost over optimized from a game perspective. Now it needs other type of optimizations and a good marketing team who tests lots of marketing strategies to bring in new players and keep existing players interested. Not just the tournaments, actually ads marketing the game and it's different game modes.

                  IDK I'm just in a little bit of shock seeing these remarks about how much we don't like the lack of change and realize that this game's longevity might depend on it starting to solidify more.

                  Nobody Kehrs

                    As a Chen player, it is incomprehensible to me why people are complaining about it not being a big enough patch


                      I'm astounded at how positive the reaction has been about this patch from the people I have played with. Doom and Chen players are feeling the type of meta changing fun we wanted while stapes are left with a few quality of life improvements / upgrades.


                        New techies is a lot more fun, and I'd argue much better for team fights. Techies in your team always felt like a man down late game in teamfights, but now you have to be right in there, and tazer can cause a lot of problems to right click cores. I've now played more games as techies this patch than since his introduction, just because I really despised the hero before.

                        Rubik is even more fun. Aghs is pretty much required on the hero anyway, so to get an extra spell to steal from it is a bonus. Get the right combination of spells and you can put out a lot of damage.

                        My final favourite change is Pugna. Channelling your ult into the netherward so it hits more than one hero can be devastating in a teamfight if you have a strong frontlaner.

                        All in all, I'm enjoying the patch so far and the new hero is quite good fun to play as well, so all's good.

                        Marcus Butthurticus

                          Primal Beast being the third character in a row to be a str melee offlaner is boring as fuck. All three basically have the same role too? Why not work with Dragons Blood and give us a duo release to celebrate the release of the second season by giving us Kaden and Fymryn?