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Shame on John

    First bois

    Slark Suρρort

      Next article should be on items and how to use new ones.

      Mimesis G

        Apprently undying is possibly bugged as the zombies are doing piercing not normal (or the other way around) after the damage type formatting thing.
        Thier damge type changed (unmentioned in notes) so they shred heros much more,
        If its fixed soon it is/was bugged, however could be intended could feature and something else gets nerfed to compensate for the over buff.

        Swa Weavlewisp

          Mana cost wasn't the only thing they buffed for Undying's Soul Rip. They also lowered the cooldown, increased the heal, and most importantly, set the max units to 10 (down from 11). This allows him to pump out more healing even when there are less units around him.

          Another reason his winrate jumped (as mentioned in the article) is that Strength heroes like Primal Beast and Huskar are very popular this patch.

          Deranged Monke

            coo coo. Reign of the phat boiz


              small patch tbh.

              also, u forgot batrider. right click bat is destroying the game.


                ^ @mllcg i thought they nurfed it, since people were using manta to stack the napalm damage


                  idk man, bat, visage and meepo are the three biggest winners 4 me.