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    Good post! First!


      New boots are not necessarily for supports only. I am currently testing new boots on mid Arc and Visage. Get tranquils first, then go for some sort of cheap CC item like orchid/diffusal/atos, buy drums, play around your team. Go for dagger/shadow blade, then upgrade your boots and go for luxury items like Hex or Bloodthorn.
      Its still too early to draw conclusions either way, just something I wanted to share. I absolutely love these new boots.


        i think its too much for arc bro, because with the clone alone, i think arc can use unli drum charges. But in visage case, i agree


          el hombre

          Slark Suρρort



              All these new items are awfully expensive... And as they are so expensive, that does tone down the games they get picked up in. And thus the win percentages are skewed higher for each and every one of them. I don't think these items are over powered. The Vlad's upgrade in the right match can sure be great, but I've played against it a few times and it hasn't been an overwhelming thing that you have to take into account when going in for a team fight.

              The new boots is like 4150 and if you building that on a support, which would be better for you and the team, that you have these boots or if you had your Aghs upgrade? With supports, the answer is usually Aghs... They generally have powerful ultimates and good Aghs upgrades for them. Not the case for all Supports, but usually this is how it goes. The BoB boots are a total luxury item. I've build these a few times and they are very nice, but nothing that just jumps off the page.

              I'm still yet to play Underlord with the Vlads upgrade... That thing might be approaching OP territory with so heavy damage mitigation auras from the hero and the item. These new items and the Aghs Shard at 15 minutes has really thrown a wrench into practically all item builds... And as such the game is still evolving and new item builds are a fluid situation... Which is nice.


                More or less a good read Kappa I love these blogposts, one of the best moments of my day is arriving at work, grabbing a mug of coffee and just opening dota buff to check the news :)


                  Vlads now can be bought by practically anyone since its not a dead end item it used to be.

                  Theres Overlord and now there's pact.

                  Even on its own its cheap damage aura+lifesteal aura.