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    I would add Collapse's Magnus to this list. He really showed what that hero could do and just how broken the repositioning mechanic was with horn toss + skewer which resulted in some pretty significant nerfs for that hero following TI 10.


      Puppey/Notail on Chen and EGM on Io for pos 5. Both high impact heroes that are known for making the game hell for the other team.


        Collapse is an excellent magnus but I feel horn toss being a stun and a reposition is what i made it complete bs


          Clockwerk feels really bad right now I wonder if it's because of some pro.


            These articles are always such a nice read <3


              Definitely puppey weaver/chen. No tail too. I have only been playing dota recently though..and although i recently did watch some of alliance t3 because of how much ive heard of Loda... But i loved this article taught me more. Now i wanna go back n watch all of alliances ti3 and ive seen EG dark seer sven highlights. But not whole matches. Just vacuum / stun / sven 1 shot 5 dudes 😆. Tundra sneyking i would enjoy..fy and y' too perhaps?


                "AdmiralBulldog was more or less the herald of this transitory process" this line made my day

                Slim Shady

                  Imagine still playing this game

                  Top cringe bro my god

                  Ratio bigtime

                  Based Windu (Parched)

                    "I'm LIDERALLY creating WAVES man"-admiralbulldog 2021

                    culling blade

                      the most advanced role in the game ;)