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    Site stats show that -4 Spectral Dagger Cooldown is +16% winrate, and yet you're saying the opposite talent is better?

    Just Noob Roofik!!!

      right now, in my opinion ofc, spectre is viable when lastpicked, when you see the enemy offliner. if there is even matchup, it can be brutal. And its meta of snipers drow rangers and wyverns and spectre mange on them. so easy kills for spectre. But when you get matchup like mars + skywrath,lich, jakiro, veno, it can be horrible. So yes its very strong but situational hero, that you dont wanna play against in lategame.


        isnt dawnbreaker a pseudo carry like spec but just better ?


          I don't think Dawnbreaker has the damage potential or the survivability of Spectre, but she is 100% much higher tempo and can do a lot more early-to-mid game. Personally, after many Spectre games this month, I think her main problem is the lack of tower damage. She has one or two amazing fights in the midgame if you keep up with your timings, but conerting it into objectives is hard.

          Just Noob Roofik!!!

            spectre can be amazingly strong even mid game. IF you have good lane/game, enemy team has just lost. But even in bad game, if you rush manta and have 4 lvl in desolate, then there is no hero in game that can manfight you 1 v 1 ( i dont count chrono or some disables). The damage is absurd, you deal own dmg + 66% own dmg ( 2 manta illu) + 180 pure dmg. Imagine you have just lvl 15 and PT+MANTA, thats all you need, so you have 115 base dmg + 75 from manta +180 PURE dmg ( thats when you have for example 50% physical dmg reduction like 360 dmg). So its like 115+75+360= 550 dmg per hit. Do you need more? with just manta and PT? I dont think so. You melt down support in 2-3 sec. And if you find illusion rune, you can solo kill roshan so easy with just PT + manta. SO yes spectra can be so strong even mid game, with little items.
            The problem is that a lot of heroes can bully her of of lane and force her jungle so early. She needs really good support that will take care of her early on. And if you lose mid and other lane also, then there is problem cos till spectre has manta she doesnt offer much. If you have good game then you go PR+ WB+WAND+ BASI+MANTA + SCEPTER + SKADI+ ABYSAL and there is not much enemy can do about spectre this farmed. But when you have really tough game i would go PT+blademail+WAND+ MANTA+SKADI+ SHARD+ ABYSAL asn wait for scepter from roshan. Scepter is such a strong item when you have space to hunt solo supports, but when they group and try to push you hard, then i prefer skadi instead of scepter. Yep spectre is mega giga strong, but need space and time and in this fast meta it can be challenge. And no in late game, dawnbreaker doesnt stand a chance against spectre. not even close, try it in demo and you will see ( but pls buy manta to spectre).


              Ofc spectre giga strong in lategame, but radiance game have zero impact us like wraith king, and also that meta have huge strong offlaners (brew,viper,pudge(gg before start),mars,slardar)when you should buy 9 tango at start then go ultra slowly farm jungle=no neutral vamp mask or chipped vest - gg. 0 tower damage. I think iron talon or poor man shield can helped.