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    Marci is too OP


      I would add for Marci that somehow, I feel like she's back into an offlaner role more than a pos4 one.
      Previously you would use your jump to get out after blinking and initiating in. Now you jump in and neutralize someone (as said, anti-carry is the good term, thanks to the AS slow).
      For the build, I played Marci/Wisp lanes and the 1-1-4-1 build is insane, as you can literally negate the ennemy carry's lane phase. Level 3 is your first peak, and the ennemy carry is usually unable to farm safely starting from there.


        I still donno why icefrog did this, marci is just simillar to earthspirit, yet way more simple and effective.

        toxic team enjoyer

          death prophet is so strong right now her heal is flat damage now so it's more effective early game


            cuz he aint working on the game anymore

            Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

              I wanna see pro players try the new Glaives Shard + Diffusal. It can drain a whooping 100 mana per hit.