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Ryan Gosling



      Odd how he went from not picked at TI to highest win rate hero of the patch after nerfing some overtuned heroes.


        He was one of the highest winrates before TI, he just wasn't contested at TI for whatever reason so he didn't get nerfed despite by numbers still being one of the best characters for 99% of people. I hope they change something about him because so many parts of his kit feel artificially inflated yet his pro level value is still next to nothing.

        Lirói Dinquins

          I got someone who bought Blade Mail on Slardar today and just saw how that item is bad. Slardar sports a 55% winrate yet with Blademail his winrate drops to 48%. There are definitely bad items for Slardar.

          Some item that might be worthy mentioning is Pipe. The hero has a solid initial armor, gets extra armor with puddle and bash means no one actually wants to get close to a Slardar, so the physical part is covered for a significant part of the game, thus building a MR item on him makes sense so you can tank the spells that do damage+disable, giving lots of space for a carry to go ham.


            Completely ignored in TI 12, no picks and no bans, but still strong in pubs. I can't remember the last time there was a strong pub hero who wasn't playable in tournaments. There are plenty of examples of the reverse though; like Io and Chen in previous TIs - dominant in pro matches but unplayable even in high MMR pubs


              I'd pick brood here

              Gus Gus

                Phantom Lancer can slaughter this bastard.


                  I'd pick lycan here

                  Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                      гарпун скрытый пул, онли даггер и бкб, пока доползешь с гарпуном хвост отрубят


                        You know what hero is the strongest? The one that close the game and never come back.

                        El Huron

                          he is 0 vs OD from min 1 to late game

                          Джон Ланкастер

                            Наконец-то мою пропаганду с форума д2ру переносят сюда, большинство мыслей в статье похожи с тем, что я расписывал там. Единственное — я настоятельно рекомендую вообще забить на БКБ и увеличивать статус резит нейтралками и алебардами/СиЯми/и т.д.



                              big boss

                                имба крч

                                Tarog Skwela Undangi Nang...

                                  Slardar is better for chasing escaping enemies rather than starting a fight. His kiting power is actually really good, with the right amount of AS, giving time for his teammate to assist. I'd love to have an aghs, moonshard & SnY for him but he can't farm fast enough. Dagger makes it easier for him to chase escaping enemies around cliffs, highgrounds and forest. Another alternative is Shadowblade, it allows him to make surprises against slippery enemy. Assault Cuirass can be a good additional armor if Aghs isn't enough and has a very nice AS and damage boost for the team. In the late game depending on the situation I'll pick Skadi ,MKB , lotus, Linkens or BKB. If you want to go crazy with damage rather than sustain, echo saber and deso is your friend.




                                      483 matches, 63.5% wr
                                      couple thoughts:
                                      i think, aghs on slardar is overhyped. no aghs in my games. 90% matches i take dagger after wand/stick, bracer (or not), pt/phase.
                                      in another 10% i take echo saber for snowball. but, i think this item is risky.
                                      after dagger i take bkb (90% games) or aghs shard (10% games if there's clones, invi, low armor chars, or no disable in enemy team). i think aghs shard boosts your carry so much, especially if there's cleave carry like sven or any other hero with bf, which currently in meta on most melee carry.
                                      another item - cuirass (90% games, your carry phys dps, you must push, enemy's carry phys dps).
                                      another items is optional. shadow blade, mjolnir, mkb, tarrasque, shiva. no aghs in my builds. 4200 for hero which simply cannot farm that fast is very expensive