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    So I really need tips on tinker, I play him decently when I get BoT early but if I don't have them at around 13m I dont know what to do. I tried watching funkefal but I dunno, he plays flexible and I honestly dont know what skills I take early game if I shud max 1st and 2nd or just max 3rd and something. Please dont be mean :( im 3k scrub


      max march first 99% of the time
      most of the time 2-0-4-1
      sometimes u can go 3-2-0-1 and dominate ur lane (then max march)
      use march as efficiently as possible, always try to farm at least 2 camps at the same time with 1 march
      laser enemy midlaner and deny range creep or secure ranged creep for urself


        Tinker is all about canceling cast animation


          learn stacking multiple camps..if you watch funkefal video he teach how to march the wave and to stack multiple jungle camps..and always secure range creep last hit..exp are pretty important laning wise..

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            Tinker players shouldn't exist.

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              skill 1 point in laser lvl 1, skill it at lvl 3 if u need any sort of harass at all

              hold ur points from lvl 2 and 4, dump them in missile if they will get you a kill. 3 in laser is typically useless because the laning phase is done now (march out the wave lul) but can be useful in certain lanes or if ur stuck with low march lvls but they cant gank

              1 in missile against zeus at lvl 1-2 to cancel clarities xd

              usually itll eitehr be qqeeere or qqwweeere or something in terms of actual order skilled. march ur lane out at stack camps and ur timings should be fine. even if ur travel is 14 15 min u can still win as long as u get a decent blink timing after that


                Hi, Tinker pro here. If your lane is easy max laser and missiles and dominate the midlaner. If your lane is hard and the enemy hero has high kill potential or you are being ganked, get a value point in laser to help with their possible right click damage and max march of the machines to farm waves from a safe distance. Getting BoTs super early is an obvious bonus and honestly I would recommend starting with basic regen like a salve and a couple mangoes and asking ur supports to provide u with tangoes, then u can rush bottle into BoTs and have BoTs before 13m consistently.

                The build is always Bottle -> BoTs -> Soul Ring -> Blink -> Aether Lens

                After that its kinda dependent on how your game is going. If the enemy is weak get a kaya and sange into dagon and scythe. etc. If you find yourself dying alot to stuns and magic damage then grab a bkb. Ghost sceptre is also an amazing item on Tinker especially if you are against physical damage dealers.

                IMO its basically impossible to fall behind in farm as Tinker, just rotate to the jungle between fights and u can easily farm 3-5 camps in a short time, especially if you master how to stack with march. Along with the gold u get from split pushing you should always be the richest hero on the map. Also if your team is really bad or has weak tower push then get a meteor hammer, its a really cute pickup on tinker that helps u farm towers along with waves!

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                  Tinker pro here

                  press x to doubt


                    It was sarcasm but eh I have a reasonable k/d and winrate


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                        I always go at 2/1/0/0 at lvl 3, then max march asap and learn rearm as soon as you got Soul Ring.

                        Starting items: Crown, 2 branches, 2 shared tanggoes
                        First items: Bottle > Boots > Soul Ring
                        Core: BoT > Dagger > Aether Lens

                        4 retards

                          stack camps and max march 1st