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General DiscussionFun way to play turbo with od. Number 1 Turbo player guide

Fun way to play turbo with od. Number 1 Turbo player guide in General Discussion

    Hello, I am the number 1 solo turbo player in SEA

    First pick od.
    Go mid and use laning protocols of a farming hero.
    Hit ancients when you get kaya.
    Buy kys and hex dagger.
    Buy shard thorn whatever.

    The fun part is
    Every kill and farm must be 100% confirmed to be a safe free kill by using wards, smokes and vision. It really felt like playing csgo it’s really fun ;)

    Just put the concept of free kill in your head and do not take in account your teammates only their current position never future and don’t expect them to cast a single spell. This is the way of the turbo king. late game is especially fun because target priority and what buttons to press on what and what cues to look for is like chess.


      Excuse me good sir, where do i purchase KYS?


        Cool sir


          U know whats more fun? play od with mirana. astral and arrow combo is so fun. ppl rage quit


            I don't know you can have fun with this beside playing with friends.

            Saya Tidak Takut, Hadapi ...

              Kaya Yasha Sange cant be bought

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