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Finally I finished 100 hours in General Discussion

    Guys it's bad idea to create new account , rly it's bad bcz u waste ur time and start dreaming like stupid shitt , now I finished 100 hours but I feel bored that's why I start losing losing plus too many games make u like drunk dog(no foucas),
    now I am in normal skill , I don't know I need someone advice me go to calibrate dircte or wait maybe I can go to high skill then calibrate , and I know now maybe I am crusedar don't give me hope



      yeah my deluded fren
      go waste 100 hours more to realize you are not high skill player either
      but you can put your ego aside on internet and listen to others instead
      your life your choice

      parmaviolets [muted]

        Why do you think you are worthy of anything but normal skill exactly? There is absolutely nothing about any of your stats or games that indicates that you are anything but a 1-2k player. The 100 hours you just wasted creating another a shitty smurf account could have been better spent actually learning the game.


          message me i can play tbd all win
          this can make u to get a good rank than ur skill

          parmaviolets [muted]

            message me i can play tbd all win
            this can make u to get a good rank than ur skill

            Ah yes, give this guy inflated rank so that he is completely out of depth and ruins games cause hes worse than the bracket hes playing in. Fucking brilliant idea its people like you who fuck this game.


              Imagine being normal skill trash, making new account and wasting 100 hours just to be normal skill trash again, its quite poetic honestly.

              Where does your assumption "im gonna make new account and calibrate 10k MMR" coming from? What is wrong with you people? How?

              just smile :)

                  congratz dude


                    Guys I was herald 5 come on I am now archon 4 , it's good I improve and spamm some hero and practice in carry it's not that bad idea of course its waste time but now I play with people who recpect the game kind of , and I will be legend soon then my skill will be better day after day


                      Youre garbage and will soon be crusader, you juiced the calibrations and will suffer for it, dont come back here weeping when it happens though, we all told you it was going to happen


                        Will see dug I will be legend soon and return here this is the first step


                          I'm waiting for you become Legend, ignore pathetic people as long as you want to improve! there's a lot of smart way smart people to improve, like you do from herald 5 become archon by making new account. It's good and keep improving, as long as don't be toxic in-game if your skill below another or the worst never buy account or take boosting service.

                          Good luck and forgive retard dota2 community that making less new player

                          Lou Zheng

                            Don't give up dude , im also guardian before making a lots of account playing different role until i stick to support and reach archon then legend and drop to archon and finally reach 3k , thanks to dotaalchemy

                            Lou Zheng

                              My goal for now is to reach ancient ,Divine and then immortal And win Ti lul