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General DiscussionHow to make create account and calibrate high mmr in 2020?

How to make create account and calibrate high mmr in 2020? in General Discussion

    Should I pick "i played dota 2 before"? Should I create fresh email to avoid affecting my rank in older accounts in my new?

    Does the first 10 games is still the calibration of hidden mmrs?


      Can you explain to me why u not just buy a high mmr account instead?

      AD.GokU™ |

        Still don't get the point of this, Even if you calibrate to 5k, if your gameplay can't win you games at 2k, how are you gonna survive in 5k??
        The ppl who use the Calibration abuse, again downrank to their respective mmr, once the volatility of their account settles.
        I know a few players who made new accounts, calibrated 4.7k, got few free wins, went upto 5k, and once the volatility of account settled down then started losing and dropped down to 2k in 2-3 months.


          You have a negative winrate in archon, im sorry to break it to you, but EVEN if you manage to calibrate legend by spamming cheese heroes, you WILL fall down again because you are NOT good enough yet to be 3k mmr, go grind on your main instead, its so much easier and less time consuming


            Okay bro. I better grind my main. I get impatient to my new account anyway because theres always 2 Mid and tiny toss.

            I'm SORRY

              just get good. play with your friends :)

              ЈЕБЕНА ЖИВОТИЊА

                EC can you stop for 5 seconds and think how dumb you are and why i laugh my head off every time i see "HOW VHS THREAD ME GOOD TEAM BAD xDDDDDDDD"

                We high mmr players are buying low mmr accounts(this was 2.3kMMR when i bought it) so we can smurf and escape from tilt, have fun with friends etc. On the other hand you struggle to maintain even 50% winrate in your current bracket where i can win games with with 1 hand and my eyes closed, you want to somehow calibrate higher to enjoy dota and have fun? Can you explain to me how, please?

                Where are you delusions comming from? Please i want to study this phenomenon, how old are you and what is your level of education?


                  ^ can u give me vhs



                    here my new account spammin huskar till 100 hours still normal skill. :(


                      That's because you are sshit. You are trying to make a shortcut when you are really shit just like me. No, it won't work because you are still shit and you have to accept it or just kys.


                        just toggle u played dota 2 before and then play the heroes u are best with for 5-6 games and u will hit off bracket higher than your current acc, u will get hidden mmr > your current mmr but if ur like guardian/crusader u wont hit off higher than archon/legend in best case


                          agreed with kowareta, like just buy ancient-divine acc its like 10 dollaars or so if u really wanna play higher games but u will just drop and get hidden pooled in no time

                          Kabir singh's bo0ster

                            OP I'm in need of a smurf to have fun on, if you want i get u 1000 MMR in a week plz it is win win situation.

                            Kabir singh's bo0ster

                              @Klippan u will never find Divine acc for 10 dollar, more like 30-40 euro for Divine 1-2, low ancient 15-20 euro. The cheapest acc's are Archon- Legend because calibrating there is doable by simply existing in calibration games, and then the prices start rising again a bit in Crusader > Guardian because these acc's are harder to make but there is a decent amount of players that are bad enough to have them, and then Herald acc's are really expensive like 20 euro because its impossible to make them, and not many people are that bad.