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General Discussionmy frien calib 8-2 get -600 pls halp

my frien calib 8-2 get -600 pls halp in General Discussion


    Rozelia O'Lia

      Well the calibration is based on your skill not wins. A year back i lost all games and didnt drop from archon 2... Well now i droped xd

      Tom Hanx
        Tom Hanx

          ur "friend" or u. u deserve it u weeb. thats what u get for smurfing


            Good day sir, its called "mmr decay". Mmr decay happens when you haven't played for a long time, approximately 5 months+
            I have another 6k mmr acc that got force-recalibrated and got "mmr decayed" despite having 7-3 calib record, I still lost 400 mmr
            I havent used it more than a year so it got "mmr decayed".


              bobo chika blyat you more weeb


                @Feachairu idiot


                  @Feachairu earn money by asking useless question :lick:

                  A Wild Pikachu Has Appeared!

                    fea when we playing again, divine here


                      Volvo momento


                        This also happened to 3 of my accounts so im gonna answer properly, its up to you if u believe it or not.
                        Someone already created a warning about this, this might help you:

                        This is literally the only reason i could think of, i even ignore the post but when it happened to 3 of my smurfs getting 7-3, 8-2 and 9-1 but still -400 mmr.
                        So the whole point is if you haven't played your account for certain amount of months i would guess 5 to 7 months or more, it would decay and would be uncalibrated.
                        so lets say you're 6.5k and haven't played in awhile, when you start your uncalib game your starting mmr would be 5.8 or something, so even winning that much would still give you -800.

                        I first thought of it as a bug, but when i read some articles it made sense to me as many people was complaining that players who have left for too long still playing at their old mmr. It would be unfair to match up 7k mmr player who haven't played in 2 years vs 7k mmr who plays everyday.

                        Tom Hanx

                          ^ hey "someone" u refer above is the op of this thread. thats the weeb guy smurf lol

                          selen simp

                            When are you going to finish calib my main fea, 2 game left....


                              @selen mayb later

                              @pika ye anytime we can play


                                What mmr in 2k immo?


                                  i tink its 6k-6,3 ish

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