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General DiscussionTinker needs to be reworked completely, just like Techies

Tinker needs to be reworked completely, just like Techies in General Discussion

    After my last forum thread complaining about Techies not fitting the game entirely, gods of Dota have heed my prayers and reworked him.
    So I'm here to pray to said gods yet again.

    Just as the title says, in my opinion, Tinker needs to be reworked entirely. He doesn't fit the game, as he's playing it in -wtf mode, as long as you manage to get your starting items. Notice that I say 'reworked' and not 'nerfed', because I think devs have tried to do that for so long, but it's simply not doable. Every patch Tinker is either a) Completely broken and solocarries the game with 69 hexes and shivas a second, or b) Complete and utter unplayable garbage. That's just the hero's gameplay, you can't balance something as ridiculous as infinite ability and itemspam, and statistics show exactly that. (I'm mostly using Divine-and-above statistics for such research and you can see yourself, every patch tinker is either ~47% or lower winrate or ~54%+, which is A LOT).

    I know a lot of people would love to rush in with their suggestions on how to counter Tinker and yes, I know it is doable, but that's not the point. The point is that the hero is too strong if he has a decent game and turning tides on him are essentially impossible, if you don't pressure him super early on.

    Share your thoughts and for like-minded people - let's pray to Dota gods together.


      I mean tinker is capped by his manapool. You can only spam so much shit before having to go back to fountain. I think that's fine enough as a balancing mechanism surely.


        someone just got owned by tinker


          Just recently started learning tinker, I think he falls into same category as brood/meepo. Heroes like these maybe should be cherished as they have a unique identity tbh.


            gl dying 5 times with meepo or brood in lane and coming back to the game just with 2.2k networth and fog of war

            Sup m8

              Mfer loses to tinker and immediately complains on forums LUL

              He is a good hero if you are competent and trash if you aren't, whats the problem


                Yes please, teach me that legend 2 tinker wisdom please.

                Anyways, no, going back to fountain and being 'limited' by your LARGE manapool isn't enough, surely. Considering that it takes you total of 7 seconds to refresh everything and come back full hp/mana.

                as for uniqueness argument - that's true, he is unique. But so was Techies before the rework, so that doesn't change the fact he's nearly impossible to balance.


                  I tried Tinker just 4 fun and tbh Id never be able to use shiva properly not to mention defence matrix - these spells take a lot of muscle memory to use properly. This hero is not easy to play at all and is mostly played by smurfs for fun.


                    no please tinker is fine just the way it is