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    whats the highest mmr number u can celbrate in new account after 100 hour ?!?!

    tv/adgoku24 ™ |

      Don't think anyone knows anymore, since they added the "smurf detection" system, the calibration system changed a lot.

      In past, the max mmr on new account was 4900.
      Spam Zeus-high dmg(spam ulti off cooldown), Oracle-high healing(spam 3rd spell- offcooldown) and regardless of win/loss, you would calibrate 4900.
      Then they changed the max to be at 3500. Toned down on the abuse mechanics, but would still be fairly easy to get 3500.
      Due to this, the whole rumor about "make new account to calibrate high" started. That was true before 2018. But, if dogs can't even read 2 lines of ability to understand how it works, I would totally expect most of the dogs to not even bother researching on stuff they read online.

      For a genuine new "gifted" player, I still think the max mmr calibration would probably be between 3k-4k. That's the average around which, most casual players would sit at by just knowing the fundamentals of the game.


        Bro, gotta say it requires a lot of testing and to test you need old accounts created before 2021 to avoid bans.


          they also unlocked it after that 3500 thing so your info is outdated, but I did not make a new acc since ages either so mine is outdated too.
          No idea what now can't really be asked to play 100 hours at forced 3k behavior score just to get banned eventually.

          I do have old accs, but their base stats suck so it's a waste of time just as much.

          tv/adgoku24 ™ |

            As far as I observed(a very small sample set), I don't think it's possible to have a new account calibrate above 4k, without it getting marked as a smurf and sent to smurfpool.
            But who knows.


              6400 is the maximum


                anyone knows someone get 9k just mention him xd


                  6380 mmr is the maximum. tested on 2 accounts. I can confirm this


                    buy a new pc, and create a new account.

                    dont make multiple accounts on same pc


                      probably can even get 8k.