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      Nice article

      Nobody Kehrs

        I think that Crystal Maiden embodies exactly what every always-core thinks they hate about playing support. I genuinly think that if we stopped recommending Crystal Maiden to new players and instead recommended more aggressive and easy supports like Silencer or Dazzle, I think more people would actually enjoy playing support.


          Pango is so bad in the anime they didn’t even bother to have him here

          Jugo Boss

            Terrorblade not recommended for beginners in the slightest.

            Jugo Boss

              Still the article is really good.

              Dolph Lundgren

                dogshit article


                  Pango is so bad in the anime they didn’t even bother to have him here

                  its a pangolier but not the pangolier donte panlin we have in the game, same like the oglodis who looks like axe and disruptor as they come from the same tribe, also asar, who looks like ursa, and many other cameos


                    Good article. Really CM is not for beginners since they added so many gap closers + indirectly nerfed arcane aura by allowing personal couriers.

                    The real question is - do I have to learn how to use Netflix to watch the series?


                      How mirana is recommended for beginner.. arrow require a lot of intuition and luck factor, while his ss need a a lot of teamwork follow up..🤔


                        Who care, this sh*t not even canon...


                          in 3rd season I want to see Anti-mage and Faceless Void