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    1st, now i wait for delete from admin

    Dotes and Depression

      2st, now i wait for delete from admin

      midnight city

        Came 3rd to saying its review not reivew


          4th ^_^


            5th, GG NERFS


              5th , Buff Arc warden more..MORE I SAY

              - т ∃ ѕ т

                RIP bounty rune


                  why techies is not updated


                    Thanks for this post, you pointed out very well how the changes could effect the meta. I wonder in which direction it will go.


                      The nice thing about AMs talent tree is that you now can take the 15 Agility at lvl 15 without destroying your hero (blink cd is too good), meaning you finally get some more stats as AM. Something which has been removed ever since the removal of skilling stats, which AM relied upon to stay tanky and threatening. This is also why you see AMs go Skadi: to get more stats since the hero does not have much on his own (1.3 str gain is horrendous).

                      With 10 str and 15 agi as talents you get good stats and the HP regen boost is gonna provide a bunch of regen compared to flat hp. Also since you have the regen from bfury as well to amplify that. This offsets the 30 atk speed you lose at 10 by giving you more sustain in later fights allowing you to stay relevant for longer.


                        Gyrocopter doesn’t seem to be nerfed hard, yet I terribly lost 3 in a row right after the patch - suspecting shadow nerfs to teammates as soon as the hero is picked Kappa

                        MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                          That shade thrown to random pick haha


                            Good read -- found one typo in the Jakiro section: "cast poins aside"


                              If they want to push utility morph, give him like +5 base int, and a gain of like 1.7 instead of 1.1.
                              It would actually be quite formidable and could consider more plays without risking too much.

                              Zettai Scenko

                                14th, Randomers in rank ARE LAMEOS, unless you random first xd


                                  Lone Druid "is a win condition on his own" what does that even mean??? You just hate LD don't u Kawaii. The bear regen change is not that big.


                                    dk's change are overall a buff for offlane dk, not a nerf. And i wouldn't be surprised if it was also a buff for #2 dk. (we can agree on the nerf if it was the true #1 of the draft though)

                                    ♏ikeeCS ツ

                                      RIP Tinker :(

                                      MM.Ugh Brock Hall

                                        @Lyle Uglemane

                                        It's a 25% increase at level 1. It's hard to call that insignificant.


                                          Morph is a new Rubick


                                            @Lyle Uglemane
                                            I do. In fact I have a strong distaste for most heroes that involve avoiding fights, split-pushing and generally playing solitaire in a game of Dota. I think they are great for the pro scene and it's interesting to watch people make them work, but I am not a fan of playing with or against them.
                                            LD is a win condition because Agh's upgrade basically gives him an extra hero to control, one with a fixed 120s respawn time, that starts ticking as soon as you summon him. More than that, this "hero" has an instant cast point global blink, that only gets disabled with damage, he has massive damage on structures and can push lanes extremely fast. I don't like LD, but it has nothing to do with what was written in the article)


                                              Lone Druid needed a buff because he's weak as fuck.
                                              There might be some cases where his tacky strategy works out, especially on pro scenes, but even there he isn't some broken god, and that's really all the hero is, and nothing more, with an extremely weak main body.
                                              His laning prowess can be extreme, but then again, nothing like Brood's for example.


                                                No comments to io buff?Thanks Kawaisocks typical

                                                I Pick $upport 4 Noob Car...

                                                  The only best site that explain every hero changes.

                                                  Zero Two

                                                    98th great buffs


                                                      830+800 is 1630, not 1375. But good article overall.


                                                        26th : to say Zeus still owns; everyone; God's0LovedTheWorld that he provided an Earthly Zeus, to feed us the knowledge from Heaven,

                                                        Sweet Guy

                                                          They $@$#$#$# killed OmniKnight!!! see the winrate T_T


                                                            Good day to fight with op heroes.